Monday, August 29, 2005

For Greenie....

Greenie- (I was going to post this last week and then I didn't because I didn't want to sound like a know-it-all-wanna-be but then I realized I sound like that all the time anyway so why not?)

Ok, these are some thoughts for Greenthumb. He has a great blog, great pictures and great eyebrows. Check him out.

Greenie is so thoughtful and sweet and sincere that just reading his blog makes you want to do things to help him… so for fear of being called an assvicist, here goes….

Nick’s back pain: I can offer some empathy & sympathy. I have two metal rods in my upper back and I used to have migraines and back pain all the time. Then I discovered Dr. Nick Soloway (da-da-da… that’s fanfare playing in the background). He does a combination of acupuncture, chiro & deep tissue work. I hate to sound cultish, but he’s a fraggin’ miracle worker. You need him. Or someone like him.

Valley Farms does a thing that combines coffee and gardening. They teach classes on Saturday mornings and offer Morning Light coffee and cookies. Sweet Boy loves their ginger snaps.

And State Nursery (or High Country Growers?) might be for sale again here in Helena. You could buy it and move here and I will buy all my plants from you. Yeah. Good idea.

And a career in photography & writing. Consider checking out the Washington Art’s Council website. Artist professional development and marketing are hot topics nationally right now.


Greenthumb said...


Swooning at all the attention here.

Metal rods??? Good golly woman, I mean really. Valley Farms sounds great and my own nursery, would be too. I have a lot to learn still, but I'm putting my feet on the path.

I'll check out the Art's Council Website, thanks for that tip.

Homestead said...

I have a vision.

A glorious little place.

You come to buy a few bedding plants and find yourself surrounded by all manor of sensory delights. You grab a cup of coffee and wander through the greenhouses.... stopping to ponder and purchase a few framed photos in a minature "gallery" room surrounded by lush plants. You walk through a lovely "pizza" garden area, stopping to pick up a few ripe tomatoes and a basil plant. Then you stop to listen to the owner discuss water features and he answers a few of your own questions so you pick up a water plant or two. Then you see the lovely reproduction metal works (think Ruby St Antiques in Spokane) and you realize you have the perfect spot in your yard for a sun dial. $368.75 later you leave.... feeling completely refreshed and eagerly planning to return the next day to pick up a few more petunias.

Greenthumb said...

Love your vision! And the Pizza Garden...brilliant!

I bet a hothouse would be a great destination in a Montana winter, filled with orchids in bloom and a water feature, bistro tables and chairs, coffee.

SierraBella said...

OK you two- you build it and I will come!
I'd be hanging around there all the time, and you'd likely get rich off me... and I wouldn't even mind!
Don't forget to order all manner of deer resistant plants please?