Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm a Pink Toothbrush...*

We’ve been having a few hygiene issues at our house…. Now wait a minute, don’t get ahead of me here…. This is not about the bar of Lava soap in our shower (don’t ask…it’s a firefighter thing). It is about our toothbrushes… specifically, my new dark purple toothbrush.

My new dark purple toothbrush that my husband can’t tell apart from his blue toothbrush.

Now, it wouldn’t bother me except every time I walk into the bathroom when he is brushing he immediately looks panicked and quickly puts whichever toothbrush he is using back in the holder…. I’m worried I’m stunting his oral hygiene.

This chapter is titled “Living with a Colorblind Spouse” and can be found in my new book called If this is Normal, Bring on the Crazy.

*Recognize the title? Were you a child of the 1970's who grew up listening to Smurf records? Yup, that's vintage Smurfing Sing Song.


LadyBug said...

I think it's time to buy new toothbrushes. I'd suggest blue for him, and white for you.

Or two different brands entirely.

And I LOVE the book title.

Greenthumb said...

My guy is not color blind, and he even bought the last two new tooth brushes. He still can't remember which one is his. I bought a bright orange one the other night. I think he figured it out this time. The man has no short term memory. Wonder why that is, oh ya, now I remember. ;-)

Homestead said...

LB- They ARE different brands... one is Colgate & one is Oral-B!!!

Greenie- Have you ever tried writing your names on them with a Sharpie? Toothpaste removes permanent marker.... I'm not kidding.

Susan said...

Do firefighters REALLY use Lava soap? I swear I thought that was just a marketing gimmick.

Anonymous said...

My husband is color blind too. Whenever I purchase new toothbrushes, I ask him what color he wants, then I put a small piece of masking tape at the end.
In the early days of our relationship, I cannot tell you how many times I caught him using my brush. It would freak me out, which does not make much sense on some levels.

Homestead said...

andria- It makes total sense... I know where his mouth has been and, while I enjoy it, I don't want MY mouth there. And we will file that one under "too much information"