Sunday, October 02, 2011

Whirlwind weekend

Last week was a perfect storm at work.  All sorts of deadlines and programs and things that had me running absolutely ragged, multitasking to the enth degree and hitting Starbucks with alarming regularity.  Add in some other stuff and stir. 

Friday night, instead of curling up with a good book and a glass of red, the kids and I headed to Butte.  My sister was doing music for the rodeo and my mom was hanging out with my now-one-month-old nephew.  So we got some good baby face time.

The kids swam and swam.  We learned that dorking around at breakfast equals spilled.... everything.  We hit the mall..... why is Butte's mall go much better than ours?  Silverbow Pizza for a late lunch and we hit the road again.

The plan was to get home about 4:30 so we could spend time with Daddy and have all day Sunday to dork around.  Alas..... Daddy called about 3:30 and was on his way to a fire.  Change of plans.  So we hit Target for a bit and then took Sweet to a birthday party at the corn maze.  The girls and I did some long-overdue errands and goofed around at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Gotta love those massage chair displays. 

I actually, for one short moment, had EVERY ERRAND done.  Then I realized we are almost out of kid shampoo and I had to start a new Target list.

Then home for snuggles, bedtime routine and that long awaited glass of red.... and the last two episodes of Sons on Anarchy Season 3 on netflix. 

Sunday morning was pretty productive in the cleaning arena.  We put up the new rod for the girls' play house.  Photos later.  Then my mom showed up and we sat around and talked like we hadn't spent the last two days talking.  I made a bit of progress on the laundry room constant struggle... although I didn't do any scanning and the pile grows ominously HUGE.

Made delicious calzones for dinner and had a dreamy sit-down meal with the whole family, baths, played hair dress up and then off to bed for all.

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Christal said...

I wish I knew you were doing Sons of Anarchy. I've got all 3 seasons on disk and would have loaned them to you. Also we have all of the Lost seasons and Battlestar Galactica.