Sunday, October 30, 2011

Must be Hunting Season

This is what I found in my kitchen at about 5:15 this morning.  Can you see him with all that camo?  Good thing he is wearing orange.  His dad told him they weren't leaving until 6:00.  He asked which clock they were using?  Mom's?  Or the microwave?  Because he is smart and knows mom's clock is fast.  Then he ate breakfast twice and sat in front of the clock staring at it until it was time to go.


Christal said...

I love seeing his excitement. I like to go just for the walk in the woods, but college classes have kept me home the last 3 hunting seasons.

My guy is going out hunting with his brother tomorrow. So, he said stop and get $100 for lunch and gas. I immediately thought ... that's expensive meat. (His brother is driving and there is the strong possibility of no animals being seen/shot.) This is after we just sent $500 off to Alaska for *just* the deposit on a fishing trip with the same brother next July. It's a lot cheaper when "we" hunt & fish together .... brown bag it... etc.

Elle said...

What a great picture . . . handsome as heck!!

Christal said...

And it was expensive... he shot an antelope after driving several hours, paid for lunch, put the rest into gas for his truck. So, he still owes his brother for his share of the gas in the truck they took.

Being in math classes just makes me itch to calculate the per pound cost of this antelope.