Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm on a get rid of lip stuff bender today.  Sometimes I think I need a "hoarder" tag.

"Yes to Carrots"  I'm going to say no.  I got a three-pack of these on clearance at Target... nice lip tint texture but rotten colors.  Sunset Pink sounds delightful and the cap color is lovely but the reality is nasty.  Now I know why they were on clearance and the color is no longer available on the website.  TOSSED.

Aveda lip gloss I found in the Subaru.... I know it was mine but, really, how long has it been in there.  Odd color, anyway... sort of melon-y.  TOSSED.

Sample in the bathroom drawer.  Great texture.... rotten color.  No point in writing down the brand... by the time I need it again it will be discontinued anyway... TOSSED.

I just polished off a, um, what's that dollar stuff?  ELF.  An elf lip gloss that was in a click up tube with a brush.  It was fantastic.  A shimmery champagne color and fun to apply.  Except that one time Bugsy was using it and sucking on the brush.  That was just gross.  It was my "car" lipgloss for the summer... it doesn't melt.  And, also, apparently doubles as a baby toy.  Bonus.

I have a clear tube of Bobbi Brown at work and a Burt's Bees pomegranate chapstick.  I have a lovely Clinique "Think Bronze" lipstick/gloss duo in my purse.  Something glossy and peppermint in a tube in the car.  A tube of Mary Kay stuff in the bathroom drawer (that goes with the mask they sell).  A pot of something shiny (Victoria Secret maybe?) in the junk drawer in the kitchen.  A tube of neutral chapstick that lives in my overnight kit bag.  And a tube of sunscreen stuff in the pool bag.

DONE.  The rest is gathered in a cosmetics bag in the cabinet to be used ONLY when something else runs out. 

Bonus:  Who knew me when all I used was "Natural Ice" chapstick with an Inglenook/Warren Miller label?? 

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Elle said...

Me!! I knew you then!! I remember you coming home from Warren Miller things with awesome fleece vests, when they were barely new and pocketfuls of Natural Ice. You got me hooked, too.

I'm a nivea fan now . . . I like the honey one. Almost everything else leaves these giant slinkly slobber strings in the corners of my mouth. Nasty.

Nivea. Try it.