Friday, October 28, 2011

It is thinking about snowing so I'm thinking about winter gear.

Someone made fun of my "good" coat today.

It's a greyish-black men's pea coat.

Vintage Old Navy circa approximately 2003.  I paid almost $20 for it.

And I've worn it every winter since.

It is, I can now admit, looking a little sad.  Classic, but sad.

So I've begun the coat shopping process.

You need to understand something about me.  I buy for the long haul.

My ski coat is a North Face "4-seasons" shell.  Classic red and black.  Purchased in 1993.  Yes.  True story.  So glad I didn't get that trendy eggplant one.

My rain coat is a Patagonia shell.  Purchased at the outlet in 2000.

I have a heavier "barn coat" by Carhartt.  A gift from my husband in approximately 2002.

And then my brother gave me my "free with purchase" fake-Carhartt heavy winter coat (with his business logo) for Christmas last year.  I wear it all the time.  I wore it every day to the legislature last session.  Got me some style points.

So I'm leaning towards something Luxe Wool... maybe the swing coat or the car coat.  Or the Polar Thin Jacket.

Maybe next year I will replace my snowboots.... vintage LL Bean duck boots (one top is chewed off from puppies) from 1986.  Yes.  1986.

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