Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I can't seem to stop shopping

Anyone have an opinion on Josef Siebel shoes?  I'm still searching for the perfect sandals....

Also... can I get an opinion on these boots?  I need something fantastic and comfy in a size 10.

Hot went to bed early tonight so for the last 90 minutes I've been surfing for panties for Elle, boots for me, a hat for Sweet, socks/sandals/slippers for Tuff & anything on clearance at Land's End.  I want heavenly fleece, cashmere and anything made of modal.  This skirt is cute and very much my style.  I also want to know if blissful knits are as lovely in person as they are in the pictures.... because I'm always up for a nice drapey cardigan.

Gads... maybe I should relabel this post "My Wish List" and email it out as my Christmas list.... anybody listening??


Elle said...

Ok. Joseph Siebel. They don't come wide enough for my foot. When I stand up and put weight on my feet, they become squares. I might be part pachyderm. I'm a dansko girl. The end.

Boots. I like those, but I'd like them more if they were darker. My massive calves don't fit in most boots, but I did find a nice pair of rocket dogs at Marshalls for only $24 . . . they fit in those.

Skirts. Let's get personal. What are you wearing UNDER your skirts. My thighs touch and I HATE that. Fix that for me and we can talk about skirts.

Homestead said...

I've never tried Joseph Siebel.... but they look cute.

I, also, am a Dansko girl.... Black Professionals have been my go-to winter shoe since about 2004.... and, yes, only one pair, worn almost daily. My summer shoes are Keen San Mateo Sandals... purchased in 2006.... they don't make them anymore. So sad. Then I have a pair of flip-flops, a pair of heeled penny loafer looking mules and a pair of tall black heeled dress boots. And slippers. Oh and pink converse low tops for Fridays.

Skirts. I have a giant belly but I still have skinny legs.... I don't have a ton of touchage so I just wear regular panties.... but I just got a pair of leggings and I'm hoping they will work for winter.