Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinner Last Night

So we are getting down to the grim bottom of our upright freezer in the garage.  We have no meat.  Hunting season is on the way.  My mom swears she has lots of hamburger at her house but no cut meat.  But she also mentioned 4 open meat will be coming regardless of the outcome of hunting season.

Anyway.  We have several packages of halibut (courtesy of my sis-in-law's time in Alaska) that I'm terrified to cook.  My people, in spite of their boat heritage, are not fish people.  Don't get me wrong.... I enjoy a nice tuna sandwich now and then and I love sushi. 

But I don't cook fish.

So last night Hot got brave. 

He got out the electric frying pan, a little butter, some garlic salt & pepper.  Then he added some sliced sweet onions.  I made bowtie pasta with loads of veggies and parm for a side... or a backup if needed.

It was delicious.


The kids all had seconds and we added it to our list of "likes" and have plans to make it again this weekend.

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Elle said...

Fish is just better if you're in a restaurant. If you don't have to see it in the pre-plated stage, it's better all around.