Sunday, October 09, 2011

Let's Go Junkin'

Part of the plan for the long weekend was a bit of photo documentation of The 'Stead.  Because, really, most people just won't believe it until they see it.  So we wandered to the junk shed.

I think this was a machine shed long ago.  Both chunks of the front open up.  And that old pallet?  Stragetically placed to cover a giant whole.

We approach.  WTF is up with that tire?  I'll tell you.  I rolled it there from somewhere else and it is too f-ing heavy for me to get over the threshhold and into the shed. 

We enter.  Dude.  Scary. 

Seriously.  I open the door and just pitch shit in.  Yes, that's an old printer, a plastic liner for a whiskey barrel and two rose plant winterizers.

I keep thinking this junk should be tossed.... and then I need something and find it in here.

Oh, wait, back up.  Back to the door.  Do you see the remnants of an old hornet nest?  I was due-any-day with Tuff and I needed something from the shed.... and a hornet stung my hand.  Stupid hornet.  I killed him and whacked his house right off the door.

See?  There it is.... down there between the old picture frame and the old tv antenna.

The old picture frame was actually the point of this expedition.  But I decided it isn't quite right for what I want... so it stays in the shed.  Also note handy roll of flashing in the front.  Sharp as all hell but excellent as a magnet board if properly framed. 

Hee-hee.  Who doesn't need an old cake pan, a fossilized suitcase, a few bricks and a rusted coffee can? 

The "work" bench.  Oh look... more flashing.

There is a project in those old wooden boxes.... I just know it.  Also... see that grind stone?  I need another one and I'm going to make the coolest water feature EVER.

Seriously.... treasures.  And an old gate. 

More storm windows and more old oil drums.  And a basketball hoop.  Oh.... the stacks of tires are actually my father-in-law's....

Wh doesn't need an old tv antenna?  You laugh but I've used lots of those lightweight aluminum pieces for.... stuff.....
I was going to hang some baskets on this frame and put it behind the toilet.... but I don't know if it will work.  I thought it was smallish but now looking at this picture I might have to go get it and drag it in the bathroom to see.

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Elle said...

Oh my hell. I need to breathe into a paper bag.