Sunday, October 23, 2011

Can we just start easy?

I don't usually buy for the PE and Music teachers.  Is that bad?  And I get the playground paras fudge and cookies.

We don't have a babysitter to buy for....

For the classroom teachers my go-to gift is the black diamond gloves from The Base Camp.  They go on big sale ($12) in early December.  That and some sweets.  Done.  They can keep them or regift or return as needed.  But I have to branch out a bit this year.... same grade K teacher for the second kid.  Sigh.

Daycare is also pretty easy.  They love Jade Garden so we get a nice-sized gift certificate and some other little thing.  They don't really celebrate Christmas so we keep it low key but high dollar.

My work people are a pain.  We may finally elect to not do an exchange this year.  (Well... a girl can hope.)  But if we do I'm going mini-jars of lentils and a really fabulous lentil recipe.  Why?  Because I have a 25 pound bag of organic lentils in my garage.  And, also, one of my co-workers doesn't do sugar or booze.... so the creative gift creation is a little limited with her.

If I have to do a white elephant gift I'm doing this.  But with Guinness.  And possibly attaching the fabulous Guinness-Beef recipe.

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Elle said...

Holy Crap. I love that. Totally gonna do that.