Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday's Struggle

I'm struggling here.

It's a lovely Saturday and I have big plans for cleaning and organizing and I can't get off the couch.  My head aches and I have chills and a bad case of laziness. 

The kids and I got flu shots yesterday.  I swear... they make me sick.  I'm on the second pot of coffee so things should start looking up soon but....  Bugsy has a fever and that random glassy-eyed look.  Sweet is gimping and limping because he got his shot in the leg.  Tuff woke me up at 5:30 this morning with a stomach ache.

So we are watching a fairy movie in our jammies and folding laundry.... I'm still catching up from not having laundry detergent for 4 days.  Lunch will be snack foods and if we feel betterlater we will get cleaned up.  If all goes as planned, we are heading to a fund raiser tonight.

Bug didn't have a daycare provider yesterday so I took the day off.  We dropped the bigs at school and hit Target.  Didn't find a damn thing on my list except some kid shampoo.  Then to Shopko to try to find a couch slipcover.... Shopko doesn't open until 9.  So we walked over to Albertson's and picked up a few groceries to kill time.  We got absolutely nothing at Shopko OR at Joanne's.  Joanne's kind of depresses me these days..... I can't keep my kitchen floor clean... why would I need another freakin' project or craft to do???  It STILL wasn't 10:00 (The real goal was Costco for laundry detergent and supplies.  Also *rant* I went three weeks without going to Costco and all that happened was we ran out of milk and I spent $300 this time instead of my usual $200) so we stopped at Lowe's.  Big Mistake.  I didn't buy anything but came home with a stack of smartstrand samples.  It has a lifetime warrenty for pet urine.  Can this possibly be true?  The online reviews are promising.

That brings up color.  Hot is a big fan of "frieze" style carpeting.... although he doesn't know what that means.  I don't like carpet as a rule so I'm ok with frieze.... it is soft and furry and will hide a lot of sins (and a lot of lego and barbie shoes).  As to color.... Hot is color blind.  He's voting neutral beige and not too dark.  But I could put in peacock blue and he wouldn't be able to be sure it wasn't beige.  I like Gwinnett Cool Cactus and Gwinnett Diamondback.  Slightly darker than apartment beige but not chocolate-y dark. 

So that's the current carpet saga.  Now we are battling about which rooms to do.  He thinks we should just do the living room and stairs.... I think the install cost is $100 for the whole house so why not do the upstairs bedrooms at the same time.  Peach.  Do I need to say it again?  Peach.  And, also, stinky.  Odd... old lady smell.  His reasoning.... how do we do it and move the furniture around?  My answer.... I already asked.  We cram the furniture in one bedroom while they carpet the other.  Then they move to the stairs while we shuffle the furniture from the uncarpeted bedroom into the one that is done.  Ta-fuckin-da. 

Watch and see.  Nothing will happen.  We won't do a damn thing.  Sigh.

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