Thursday, October 06, 2011

Forgive the old photo from when I was painting but here's my next design challenge.  The closet door.

Let's look at it, shall we? 

1.  Notice the fake wood trim on the outside door and baseboards and the painted trim on the closet?  How does that happen?

2.  I'm plotting a built-in where the little desk it.  Probably 24"-36" wide.... cabinet below with pull-out shelves filled with baskets of shoes.  A big (narrow) drawer and 12" deep upper cabinets with doors.  The drawer will become the junk drawer.  The upper cabinets may house my wine glasses and good dishes..... or hats and mittens.  The challenge is figuring out what to do with the phone jack and outlet.... either move them or have part of the cabinet cut out.  But that is in the distant future.

3.  I need ideas about the trim and about the door itself.  I thought of getting a new door but I'd rather repurpose. 

Chalkboard paint
Some sort of trim
Sheet metal
Hanging baskets

Here are some more "keeping it real" photos for ya......

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Elle said...

What if you painted that whole segment of the wall, door included in chalkboard paint? How about doing the top of the "desk" in chalkboard paint too? You already have a black theme going.