Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

For today, Fat Tuesday, I will provide a story of sin and redemption.

Redemption: I finally finished cleaning the laundry room. I flylady-ed the fuck out of it. (You know. flylady.net and you can do anything for 15 minutes....) It took me about 2 weeks of saying, "Today, just don't make it any worse and clean up a few extra things...." Not so difficult when you realize my laundry room has no door and you have to pass through it to get to the bathroom... just grab something and put it away. The counter top is cleared off. The drawers are organized. The pantry is sorted. Hot Stuff's basket of doom is emptied.

Sin: Hot Stuff asked if he could take over the counter for horn season and keep his pack and gear there. Until we remodel there is no good place in our downstairs for his pack and gear and if it is in the bedroom he will be rummaging in it at 4:00 AM on weekends. So, of course, he can take over the counter.

Redemption: He took care of me and my son last night while I was sick with a snot-filled head and general misery and no theraflu and Wild Turkey to cure me.

Sin: Hot Stuff and Sweet Boy watched Primos: Big Bulls 9.

Redemption: How cute is it when a little boy says, "Big Buwl Ek says whhhoooo-hhoooo-hoooo"

Sin: Thomas the Tank Engine (battery powered wooden track) died. Sweet Boy just keeps saying, "Batries, mama, batries." Sorry, son, but no battery in the world is bringing Thomas back.

Redemption: Distraction by race car.

Sin: Target does not HAVE battery-powered wooden track Thomas.

Redemption: Ebay.

Sin: This post was much more clever in my mind.

Redemption: Blame it on the snot filling my head......


Anonymous said...

Yeah, like you have to be sick to drink Theraflu & Wild Turkey. That's probably why you're out of it, you drank it all last week when you weren't sick.

LadyBug said...

Sin: The nasty names I just silently called "anonymous" because, seriously? I'm already sick of his/her witless, humorless remarks on your last several posts; and you're a better woman than I for not blocking anonymous commenting already.

Redemption: That there was some funny shit. It wasn't just the snot in your head.

Love and (hermetically sealed to prevent contagion) hugs to you, Homestead.

Homestead said...

lb- I call anonymous nasty names all the time.... usually on the phone. You see... anonymous is usually my brother..... and someday I will have to blog about why he keeps moaning for clorox.....

LadyBug said...

Oh, how funny. I'm embarrassed now, that I (silently) called your brother nasty names. But hey, I was just trying to stick up for my blogfriend. :)

Homestead said...

lb- It's a good thing someone has my back! My brother is a sweet kid but he was dropped on his head a few too many times as a baby.