Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The pregnancy update….

We had the ultrasound last week. The highlights: 4-chamber beating heart, no placenta previa, 2 kidneys, bladder, stomach, no obvious signs of cleft palate or spinal bifida or Down’s. I was around 19 weeks. The ultrasound indicates a July 15th due date. (LMP/Conception date says July 12th.) Who are they kidding? Sweet Boy’s ultrasound indicated a May 17th due date and he was born June 1st.

Things I thought:

Beating heart. This is huge. This is especially huge for anyone who knows the feeling of not seeing a beating heart. I know this kid is going to cause me worry until my dying day but at least this is one thing I can cross off the worry list… for now.

Whew, no spinal bifida…. I’m pretty good about taking my prenatals and always have been (they do great things for my nails & hair… everyone should take them) but, geez, what about the week I forgot them while I was on vacation….

Why did I drink all that damn water? I forgot how much I was supposed to drink so I just KEPT DRINKING. Plus all that coffee (decaf you haters) and juice. Add to that the round-about route I took to get to the ultrasound appointment and I had a very full bladder. The tech let me empty it after she looked at the placenta and then laughed at me as we got to watch it fill up again as she did the rest of the ultrasound.

I’m not gonna lie people…. it’s a cute kid. The potential of becoming a mother of two is slowly creeping up on me and taking root in my brain as a reality. Gone will be the days of smugly taking my well-behaved toddler places. I will be that haggard woman dragging around a squalling 2-year-old & a whimpering infant. Or maybe we will just stay home and watch Shrek.


LadyBug said...

I love Shrek.

When we had the "big" ultrasound when I was pregnant with Big Boy, I drank EXACTLY the amount of water they told me to; I measured it and everything. My bladder was so damn full, the technician told me to go "pee a little." She said, "Just count to ten."

But, apparently, I counted too fast, because she sent me BACK to the bathroom to pee some more. Geez.

Susan said...

Charlie's birthday is July 17th--it's a good day to have a baby.

And hooray for the healthy heart! That was my favorite ultrasound moment, with both boys.

Anonymous said...

Yay for the positive ultrasound!! What an exciting moment. Hubby's birthday is July 15, so also a good day to be born!
I say, stay home and watch all the damn Shrek you want. As long as it's not Maury ("Who is My Baby Daddy?") or Springer ("I Slept with My Sister"), I say you're in the clear!!
--Montana Anna

Mary P. said...

ow about that? Emma's birthday is July 12! And Susan? She was due on the 17th!!

The only ultrasound I ever had, I was NOT pregnant. I still had to have the full bladder. I do NOT know how you'd survive that while pregnant. Ooowww...

Actually, with my muscle tone being what it is, I'd be having to borrow one of the baby's diapers. Yeek.

Homestead said...

lb- I had 3 ultrasounds with Sweet Boy... you'd think I could remember how much water to drink.

Susan- One of my friend's is July 17th and he's hoping for that too. My mom STARTED to say something about her anniversary (July 24th) but I told her to shut the HELL up.... she is the one who asked for Sweet Boy on her birthday (many days after my due date) and GOT it. I told her to ask for a 4th of July fireworks baby.

Montana Anna- I wish I could financially afford to stay home... or at least cut back to half time in the office.... Sweet Boy now chants, "Mama, daddy, tb, Shrek, Donkey, Dinosaurs, Dora, Thomas, moobie."

Mary P- The tech was very considerate about it.... fortunately I'm not to the phase of pregnancy where the baby is bouncing directly on my bladder... ah, how I look forward to those days.....