Thursday, February 09, 2006

4 things....

Greenie tagged me. I feel so honored and flattered. So here you go...

Four jobs you have had in your life:
Waitress (gawds this sucked… but I was kinda good at it in a short-skirts-and-baseball-caps-are-cute kinda way.)
Program Director/Instructor at a Martial Arts School (Easy to decide what to wear every morning, no shoes are a great excuse for a good pedicure, and, oh, being a positive influence and role model)
Sponsorship Coordinator for a ski film company (A whole lot of perks and a whole lot of assholes to work for….)
ADA/504 Coordinator & Grant Director (Who knows what an ADA/504 Coordinator is?? Ok, me neither until I discovered it was covered in my job description by “other duties as assigned.”)

Four Movies you could watch over and over:
Can I say I rarely watch movies over and over?? I have a hard enough time making it through once… I feel compelled to get up and do laundry or something and call myself productive.

The Princess Bride
Blast from the Past
The Incredibles
Shrek 2
(Thankfully I like this movie…. Because it is Sweet Boy’s favorite)

Four Places I have Lived:
The Hi-Line, Montana (Everyone should grow up in a place like this…. It makes you appreciate other places so much more……)
Colorado Springs & Boulder, Colorado (Places I lived included such appetizing names as: The Virgin Vault, Cameltoe Hump (ok, it wasn’t really called that but Lala called it that and now I can’t remember the real name.. Camel something….)
Sacramento area, California (I lived in several ‘burbs… it doesn’t matter which ones… they are all the same.)
Helena, Montana (And you know I’ll probably die here.)

Four TV Shows I like to watch:
Because Thursday night is tv night at our house….

ER (Although I watch it more out of habit than entertainment these days….)
CSI (We watch this upstairs where we get reception of ABC & CBS while we tape My Name is Earl & The Office downstairs… it is that complicated… and, yes, rabbit ears are involved.)
My Name is Earl
The Office

I also have to add I really like Grey’s Anatomy but it is on the channel that doesn’t come in very well so we rarely watch it… but Lala tapes it and sends it to me sometimes. And Hot Stuff likes Love Monkey which is funny because he HATES monkeys…. But he likes that guy who used to be on Ed.

Four Places I have been on vacation:
Oaxaca, Mexico (Go. There. Now. The most amazing art & it is just FUN.)
Sulmona, Italy (Peaceful. And so flattering when some fat guy in plaid shorts asks, “Do-vey. Il. Vino Shoppe??” What would YOU do? Respond in English or screw around with him in Italian??)
Radium Hot Springs, Canada (My favorite vacation spot. In the past we have routinely taken 3 generations of women to Radium and we’ve all come back alive…. and done our part to support the Canadian economy.)
Jamaica (Does it say something sad that this is the only really beach-y place I’ve been? Is it sadder that I went there for a marine biology class and got college credit for the trip??)

Four Websites I go to weekly:

Blog sites:
Truths & Half-Truths (and from there on to his blog list….)
LadyBug (and from there her blog list…)
A Mama’s Rant (and from there her blog list…)
Harlow & the Boys
Friday Playdate
MT Politics

Four favorite foods:
Spicy. Not insanely hot, but spicy anything… Thai, Mexican, Korean.
Sushi…. And did I post about the good sushi I had at Target in Colorado Springs in October??? Yes. Target. As in “See Spot Save.”
Foods that start with “C” like cheese & chocolate.
All those good homemade comfort foods I make when I’m really on task and have a meal plan worked out… like lasagna & pizza & tacos & calzones & chicken pot pie & spaghetti & stir fry & chili.

Four places I would rather be right now:
Someplace warm, secluded and perhaps slightly tropical with a tall fruity virgin umbrella drink, a big bottle of sunscreen and Hot Stuff…. Wearing nothing but a Steelers ball cap & a smile.

Just down the street at this place that does wonderful pregnancy massage.

At the Broadwater swimming in the hot springs with Sweet Boy…. What? Pregnancy is the only time you can go to the pool and be truly, deliciously unselfconscious. You know you look great and that fabulous pregnancy glow outshines the swelling ankles, poorly pedicured toes, & moon-face that come with the territory.

Curled up in the “nest” with Gunnar, Hot Stuff, Sweet Boy & Mrow-mrow. We have this futon as a sorry consolation prize for a spare bedroom… but it has great natural light, good lamps & reading material, a level spot for snacks & drinks, and lots of fluffy pillows & down blankets.

Four people I'm tagging:
And You.

Now go… and tell me everything!


M&Co. said...

Oh I'm glad you read me all the time. I'll have to update more often. RangerDoc has been recalled/activated again so I may be writting for/to him again. Bleah!

And I'm looking forward to single parenting day 4. I would be so, "Mom & Dad we've gotta come stay with you cause I can't do all this myself!"

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up? I just came across your blog thru Greenie and the lovely Harlow...cannot believe there is another Montanan out there who does this blog thing! Well, my blog is no more, but I still read everyday!! It's cool to read about the goings-on in the other part of the state. It's just really strange to have read blogs for so long about all these places, and then stumble on one from my own backyard...and we all know that 6 hours away can still be considered backyard in MT!! (I grew up in Butte and now live in Miles City.)
So I just wanted to say hi and that I'll be back to read more!!
--Montana Anna

Homestead said...

m&co.- I also read you on dot mom's so you are officially granted a reprieve from too much updating...

Montana Anna- Hah! I used to read your blog. Then it vaporized and I would sadly but hopefully click on your link whenever I saw your name in comment sections on HDL or somewhere.....

Anonymous said...

You mean YOU were the one person who used to read??? Ha. Oh, my hubby is also a firefighter. He's at the BLM here in MC now but he used to be on the Hot Shots in Helena for about 4 or 5 summers. Maybe this summer he'll see some action. Last summer he was in Ekalaka and did about 900 prescribed burns but nothing else.
--Montana Anna

Homestead said...

Last summer sucked for everyone... well, sucked in that way that it sucks to be relying on the income but it sure is nice to be able to breath.

Has he heard any rumors of getting sent to CA or AZ?? There is always talk of that this time of year. Arizona is 2002 was GOOD to us.... I feel sorry for the people who lost everything but my greedy self got a new pickup out of the deal.....