Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Single Parenthood: Day 3

Things are sliding downhill backwards as far as the AM routine.... Sweet Boy slept in until 9:00 this morning. I figure he's still a little out of it from being sick last week so I didn't wake him up... instead, I chose to stretch our morning together out even longer by going to Nana's work. She was just commenting about how her co-workers haven't seen him since he was a BABY. (It's true. When I was on maternity leave with him we walked to her work almost every afternoon for a little visit. It is about a mile from where we used to live & the perfect place for a potty break & a cool drink in the shade before walking home.) So my work arrival time was a stellar 10:30 am. Again I say... good thing I worked so much last weekend so I have time to burn. (That comment was really just for my brother.... he thinks I am a slothful worker whenever he catches me on IM when I'm working from home.... curious, isn't it, that he's usually at work with his feet up on his desk when he's calling me a slug....)

Sweet Boy & I went shopping last night.

I'm in search of that cheap-but-perfect black bag... the one that will hold my little purse, a few file folders, a water bottle & a snack.... comfortably but stylishly... I found three at Ross so I bought them all. My sister will help me decide.

Now, let me preface this by saying.... I talk to Sweet Boy all the time. So much so that sometimes I find myself in the grocery store saying, "Look. A tomato. What color are tomatoes? Tomatoes are red." and then I look down at my empty shopping cart and remember Sweet Boy is with his daddy and I thank my lucky stars I'm shopping at the local Vann's Thriftway where everyone knows me and not at Wal-Mart where the assistant manager has the men-in-white-coats on speed dial.

So when I ask, "Hey, do you want to look at black purses?" and Sweet Boy responds with, "No. Toys, mama." and cracks up the sales clerks it is really just an average day in the life of Homestead. We spent considerable time in the toy section but no purchases were made. Although I did note they have a lovely selection of "Chuck the Truck" 4-packs that would go nicely in the diaper bag & vehicles.

Sweet Boy talked to his daddy on the phone..... we've been practicing animal sounds and it made perfect sense when daddy asked, "What does a chicken say?" and Sweet Boy answered, "Oink. Oink." Like, duh, daddy.... everybody knows you have to ask them in the correct order and bacon trumps drumsticks any day.

2 nights down and 2 to go.....

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LadyBug said...

"bacon trumps drumsticks any day"

Truer words were never spoken. Hee.