Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Ah, guess who just got flowers at work? Yes, yes, it's me. 4 red roses.... one for each of us..... in a gorgeous red vase with some ornate stuff around the bottom. Me likey. They will look fabulous with the new refrigerator Cupid is bringing me. (Seriously, black, silver or white?)

We've made a decision. Well, Hot Stuff decided and I agree. We are going to start dating. Each other. Our date night will be the 12th of every month. We met on the 12th and we used to try to do something on the 12th but the habit sort of fell by the wayside. Originally we were going to try to go out together once a week but getting a babysitter and then we'd feel like failures if we didn't.... so we are starting small.

Officially, we are starting tonight (I know, I know... it's the 14th.... it's all about flexibility.)

Last night I accidentally got back to town from working early (bad road worries so we cut things short) so I got groceries. We put together a lovely lasagna. Tonight, well, let me set the stage:

  • The house is clean. (That's what happens when Hot Stuff works all day Saturday & Sweet Boy decides the feather duster is a COOL toy.)
  • Clean flannel sheets on the bed and all the pillows are fluffed.
  • A gorgeous lasagna -heavy on the basil- is in the fridge ready for the oven.
  • A bag of salad is waiting to be tossed & there is a cheese cake for dessert (Sara Lee). (Shut up.... it's the thought that counts.)
  • The (fake) champagne is chilling.
  • The table has a centerpiece of many candles and gorgeous red candles are placed strategically throughout the house.
  • My favorite Aveda scented oil is in the humidifier on the pellet stove... combined with the smell of lasagna? Oh, it screams seduction.
  • I shaved my legs.
  • I made a new mix of massage oil & my nails are short enough to give an honestly high-quality massage.
  • The ringer on the phone is off.
  • The bathtub is clean and I have bubbles.
  • The Boy will join us for dinner and then he goes to bed at 8:00.


LadyBug said...


Sounds heavenly.

Happy VD, Homestead!

LadyBug said...

Oh! If silver means stainless steel, I'd go with that one. Otherwise, white. Black would be too hard to keep clean.


M&Co. said...

WOW! That sounds like fun.

I think stainless is nice but if you have a black kitchen black would work too.

Anonymous said...

Ew. Anybody have some Clorox?

Mary P. said...

"I shaved my legs" LOL And I bet you don't do that for just anyone!!

Hey, WE had lasagna last night, and so did one of my commenters! Is this some kind of Valentine tradition that we none of us knew about?

We have a weekly date night, too. (Weekly because we no longer need a sitter, yahoo!)

Homestead said...

LadyBug- hah! Wait until you hear what REALLY happened.....

m&co- The problem is remodeling... we plan to start that in a year or so... so I'm trying to think what my kitchen WILL look like and now what it does look like....

"anonymous"- Cloroxing your frontal lobe will not erase the image... I know, I tried after I heard you had a "date" last weekend....

mary p- We made lasagna on our 3rd date (same one he told me what we would name our first son....) and it has been our romance and celebration meal ever since... although sometimes we have to fake it and get the frozen kind

Anonymous said...

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