Thursday, February 09, 2006

Single Parenthood: Day 4

We got Dr. Seuss books last night!! From ebay.... lots of them.... for cheap. So we spent the whole evening reading, arranging the books in stacks, driving the books around in the dump truck & making stepping stones from the stairs to the couch. What? It beat the heck out of the available tv options....

I officially added to my vd gift list because, well, not EVERY town in Montana has a Victoria's Secret but the town Hot Stuff happens to be training in does..... "thong. size M. Get me what you like, baby...." Now he will have to take his two co-workers with him to Vicky's.... poor Vicky.... she has no idea what she's in for with those monkeys in the store.

The rest of my list? a refrigerator (black, white or silver??), a lottery ticket (he gets me one for every major holiday because how could you beat that gift if we won??), Hershey's kissables, some really fine quality chocolate from The Parrot.

Life as a single parent is, amazingly, settling into a routine. I routinely curse my husband every night when he calls to tell me where they are eating dinner and we are eating frozen pizza.

The math is still killing him... it gets harder every day and he's still got a bad cold so he's miserable. And, of course, he's miserable missing us. Sweet Boy "read" him Green Eggs & Ham (still his favorite book of all time) on the phone this morning.

Tonight's excitement includes starting the Nielson ratings book tv journal thingy. (They sent me $15 to do it!!) It will be kinda like doing a food journal. I'll have to stop and think, "Do I really want to watch this if it means letting the world know it??"

One more night.....


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't want Nielson knowing I watch reruns of "Yes, Dear" when I get home, or that I laugh at it. But I'm curious--can you really journal your TV watching if you only have one channel???
--Montana Anna

Homestead said...

Well, we do get THREE channels upstairs.... well, we sort-of get 3 channels.... Mostly it is tv on-tv off for the journal.