Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Helicopter

This is Sweet Boy's Ewl-cotter. It is a Rescue Heroes thing my mom got from ebay for about $12. Drives Hot Stuff crazy with all the space it takes up. I consider it to be a spare toybox... although every once in a while I find a stray sippy cup under the dash (that's why I have "sanitize" on my dishwasher, right?) Sweet Boy loves to hide under the dashboard and bounce on the seat and throw himself backwards. He has also been known to take off the rotor and use it as a jousting device. Please note "Steeler Shrek" is currently piloting this aircraft.


Mary P. said...

This would be one of those toys I'd love to hate. It would be the space issue for me, too: our home is SMALL, and very highly populated. Still, I'd have to love how much the child loved that big ugly thing. Caught between claustrophobia and mother love, I'd be.

Homestead said...

Well, you saw the other pictures of him with Shrek & Fiona on either side while he let Donkey sit on his lap to drive.... how can I deny a kid that kind of joy? And, honestly, jumping in the helicopter seems safer than jumping off the couch.... which is what he did when Hot Stuff put the helicopter in the garage for a "time out" last week.

And you know I'm wrapping it up as a baby gift for his first child.... mama revenge.