Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't judge me....

I'm looking at the picture below.

Can I see the cute baby? Sure.

Do I think it is hilarious I wrote on him with a Sharpie? Absolutely.

Do I know how long it takes for that stuff to wear off? Yes. (Not that long actually.)

Can I focus on anything except the mess in the back ground? No.

Let me break it down for you.

1. Only I can see the tiny edge of stuff peaking out from under the rug... that stuff you put under them so they won't slip.

2. The cardboard box is actually me boxing up all the 2005 documents to stash in the garage. Not bad, really, but the deal is I can't seal the box until I've mailed in our tax stuff... which I haven't done yet. (And sweet hell, no, I do NOT do my own taxes. I never have. I have a lovely accountant named Peg who says doing our taxes is like a coffee break for her. How could I deny her that? Really.)

3. What color are the walls? They are antique something-or-other. Peach? Not a color I would pick.... although I couldn't say what color I WOULD pick so there ya go. In the grand remodel the walls will be painted (above the woodwork) & new carpet will be installed. Please don't get me started on the pink-toned carpet.

4. The dresser. Well, we started calling it a "buffet" when it wouldn't fit up the stairs to the bedroom and we discovered it would now be residing in the back of the living room..... It is full of movies, candles, table linens, photo albums & picture frames.

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