Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I’m in my husband’s pants again….


Today I’m wearing a pair of Carhardtt carpenter-style jeans that make me feel like a snowboarder…. I’m all hip in my baggy denim.

The man has more jeans than any one human being on the planet. He has one ass, why does he need 46 pairs of jeans? I might have to count just to see how many pairs of jeans he really has…. I have 5 pairs. Two pairs of Twenty X jeans that are my “good” jeans. One pair of worn out Lucky jeans for the weekend and two pairs of slightly ratty Wranglers for “work” stuff. I am planning to retire one of the Twenty X jeans because they are starting to actually wear through in spots. What do you expect? I wear them at least once a week. They are the only jeans I’ve found that are slightly trendy, comfy, sexy, low-waisted but not too low-waisted, and long enough.

If I could get down to a size 7 I could get lots of hand-me-downs from my sister’s “larger” jeans… there is no way I will ever fit into her size 5’s but my body seems to be most comfortable as a size 9 no matter how many times I visit her closet and tempt my body with those cute, trendy jeans.....

Well, I mean, except now.... when I'm size 44 Fat and just really excited to be wearing jeans with a button... that I can actually button.... even if it means getting into my husband's pants... again.


LadyBug said...

Isn't getting into your husband's pants what got you into this situation?


M&Co. said...

Bleh! I have two pairs of jeans and one has a hole in the butt where I sat on the front porch and caught it on something.

Anonymous said...

If you're really a size 44 fat, I've got a coat you can borrow - several boxes of them, actually.