Friday, February 03, 2006

Susan wants details.... baby details. She specifically said she wanted conception details..... or was that NOT details..... here it is in quick outline form.... more next week.... I'm off shortly to Billings for work stuff this weekend..... who-hoo.

Oct 19: Return to Montana from Colorado vacation with Sweet Boy.

Oct 20 or 21st: Make a baby.

Some ridiculously early November date... a Sunday: Smell cat food... from across the house.... and, well, just know..... wait about 20 or 30 seconds and decide to pee on a stick. Yeah!

Spend all of November hoping not to miscarry.

Spend all of December laughing at how mad everyone will be we aren't telling them at Christmas.

January 6th: Call my folks and tell them. Dad says some fabulously memorable things that I wish I'd written down in more detail.... very happy. Then we went to dinner with Hot Stuff's parents and told them. (We weren't going to tell anyone but we HAD too... they were planning us into a trip to San Fran for a wedding in June.... there will be no travel for me in June.)

Various other dates: Doctor appts etc.

Feb 15th: Ultrasound

July 12th: Due Date

Feelings: I'm obviously designed to be a breeder.... no morning sickness (ok, once.... I gagged myself), no major weight gain, some bloating, no real cravings (although it is 10:00 am and I'm eating leftover hot-n-sour soup so......).

Maternity clothes: As mrtl says, "Friends don't let friends wear paisley." I wore then for 3.5 months with Sweet Boy..... If I can make it until April 1st it will only be 3.5 months for Sequel... there is NO WAY I'm making it until April 1st.... does that make all the pregnant women out there feel better? I know... it's hard to forgive me the no morning sickness thing, isn't it??


mrtl said...

Huh? Are you asking for pitty with the no morning sickness thing? Or are you thinking we should wish evil paisley on you because of it. Either way it's funny.

Hopefully you didn't jinx yourself with all that. ;)

M&Co. said...

Oh I'm glad Susan demanded the details cause I was going to!


And for god's sake, someone ought to burn all of those pants.

Susan said...

Thank you! I will sleep better tonight knowing all that.

Glad to hear you are feeling good. And July 12 is a good due date--Charlie's birthday is the 17th.

Congratulations! I'm just delighted for you and Hot Stuff and Sweet Boy (who will have to become Sweet Big Brother, yes?).

Greenthumb said...

I still giggle over the nickname "Sequel". It's priceless.

LadyBug said...

Congratulations again, dear. SO happy for you, here.

And "Sequel" is cracking me up.

Mary P. said...

When I was pregnant with my first, I crave sour things. It helped with the CONSTANT, 24-HOURS-A-DAY nausea. (Which, I discovered with subsequent pregnancies, was mostly caused by the iron supplements. Evil things, and unnecessary for the first trimester, anyway...)

Anyway. So I made a pot of hot and sour soup, the way I always to: kindasorta use the recipe, but sip and tweak, taste and tweak, until it's just right. And it was perfect!

My husband took one sip, flames shot from his mouth and he left the rest of it for me.

I ate every drop. Yummm... Maybe that's why my kids all love spicey food?