Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is a trick.....

It is now 50 degrees (F) and it makes me feel all schitzophrenic. I'm trying not to get too excited.... because I know it will get cold again soon.

At -25 just breathing gives you an ice cream headache.

Then it gets above freezing and you are so climatized you open all the windows in your house and start wearing shorts and sleeping naked. It's a 75 degree temperature change in less than 10 days.... That's like 50 one day and 125 the next.....

And the mud..... oh my, the mud. I'm surprised there is any left in the driveway.... it's all in my house.

Dad is back to "normal" calving now. For a few days he was sleeping in his pickup with all the cows crammed in the little lot by the barn. A new baby won't last 15 minutes at -25.... especially if there is any wind. He managed to keep everyone alive and even had a set of twins.

There is something extremely satisfying about watching those crazy little babies run around in the sunshine -bucking & snorting & acting tough.


Mary P. said...

I'm just picturing all the cows crammed together for warmth, with your dad sleeping in the truck keeping watch over the babies. You need to give use city folk more details!

I'm with you on the weather. It's about 27 (F) out there, and the sun is right on my porch, so this afternoon I was sitting on my porch in jeans, sweatshirt, and my slippers, reading in the sun.

Because 27 is WARM, dammit, WARM!!

I'm counting the days till spring. Not March 21, which is so not spring, but my arbitrary April 12, after which the likelihood of snow is almost nil. Almost.

Spring. It WILL come.

Homestead said...

I made it through February... that's all that matters to me... once the days start getting longer I do ok.

I didn't wear a coat to work today because, well, 27F really is warm.... it's all relative

LadyBug said...

Oh, baby calves are SO cute. Of course baby anythings are cute, really. But I love the way they run around and play. Like giant, gangly kittens.

Anonymous said...

I opened my windows at home last weekend...when it was 29. Because really, it ain't -25 anymore! Yay!
Weather is an issue, a discussion, a bitch everywhere, but Montana really is unique. And I'm going with Mary P. here, that spring is not ususally March 21, but more like, "Oh, I'll be there, say, Aprilish...maybe closer to May." Sometimes she won't show up at all; just that hooker summer with her 110.