Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I finally get it.... not IT.... but it.

So I was just noodling about here* and I found this article about introverts. It explains it all. But do I still have to pretend to like social situations??

*I go here to feel connected with the world at large.... and at small.... and in-between. It makes me feel, possibly, the hickdom I exist in is just a balance for some larger coolness in the world. (You know, creating a balancing plane for some dazzling jewel surface on the other side.) It does not, however, prevent the hickies (hah... I said hickies) from crawling into my ear and melting my brain.... causing it to ooze down my neck and stain my ever-so-not-cool red Gap turtleneck.

UPDATED TO ADD: HAH! Even Dooce thinks the boy is motherfuckin' awlright. (He's pretty damn cute too.)

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