Monday, March 06, 2006

Crave It.

I keep saying I am NOT having cravings or any other odd pregnancy symptoms.

I'm not.

I've always had sophisticated tastes. (Quit laughing. Now.) I've ALWAYS loved REAL hot cocoa.... made with milk & sugar & cocoa powder & vanilla. And the need for real whipped-with-a-handmixer whipped cream? Totally normal. Not a craving.

What? You DON'T drink cranberry juice out of wine glasses?

And those couple gallons of lemonade (with real lemons sliced in it).... completely every-day for me. Not a craving. Really.

The purchase of this. Oh little minty-picked item of perfect oral care. I don't mind that you look like a vibrator for a small woodland creature.... I worship you.

The Girl Scout ice cream (I blove you, Susan.) is a luxury item. It is not a craving.

The potato oles.... those might have been a craving.... I ate them so fast I can't really be sure....


Mary P. said...

The fact that I could never get enough spicey or acidic food, that I'd eat hot and sour soup for breakfast and grapefruit for dinner, had NOTHING to do with being pregnant. Nuh-uh. And the fact that once the child was born I didn't want h&s soup for breakfast any more was strictly coincidence.


(The small woodland creature even has their choice of tips. Lucky woodland creature.)

LadyBug said...

Nuh-uh. Nope. No signs of cravings there. Not at all. :)

Anonymous said...

OOOO...potato oles...must go to Taco Johns.
OOOO...girl scout ice cream...must get ice cream.
OOOO...mouth-vibrator...yeah, not so much.