Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hot Date... um, Cold Date.

Sunday for our monthly without-a-kid date we went to Eight Below. Probably not my first choice for movies to spend $14 on but it was the only thing showing at the new CINEMAX theater that we vaguely wanted to see. To sum up:

Um, where are we supposed to park? In the one hour parking? Ok.
They have audio-assisted devices. Very progressive.
How is this place staying open with only 6 people watching movies on a Sunday night at 7:15?
Nice cushy seats and they recline.
Nice bathrooms... no toilet paper?!?!? Oh, found some.
The arm rests fold up! Who cares what movie we are supposed to be watching?!?
Cute movie.
Tough dogs.
The prego managed to make it through the whole thing without having to pee once.
Hot Stuff did not make it.....hence forth we shall refer to him as "Tiny Tank."
All that stuff about absence makes the heart grow fonder.... it is true. Sweet Boy was cute (and still awake?) when we got home around 9:30.

I deem March a successful dating month. Next month I might even splurge on popcorn.


Mary P. said...

I once dated this fellow. Six foot three, 195 pounds of long, lean, muscle. He was a personal trainer. Lovely to look at and a very nice man, too.

He also had to pee about once an hour. It was bizarre. Never seen anything like it.

Henceforth he will be known in my mind as "Tiny Tank Two".

Homestead said...

Did he take a lot of ibuprofen in his lifetime? My uncle was a high-caliber athlete and wrecked his kidneys from too much ibuprofen.... he knows every potty spot in the continental US and then some....