Thursday, March 02, 2006

Clorox of the Brain

I have a very special relationship with my little brother. He's quite a sweet boy, really. No, really. He is. Really.

Here's an excerpt of some of the things that have been said in the last few days....

"It is fucking turbo-charged now." (He was referring to his recently souped-up computer... Hot Stuff asked if he was talking about his dildo.... have I mentioned how special there relationship is too???)

"Clorox THAT outta your frontal lobe." (Ok, I say this ALL THE TIME. Something about the idea of Purexing your brain.... but he has now adopted the phrase and, well, I'm a little scared but oh-so-very proud....)

"What? We have sex EVERY TIME you spend the night here." (Whoa... quick, explain that.... Hot Stuff said this.... about us.... not about my brother.... there is no Brokeback Mountain sequel being made in our house...)

"I just call her Betty." (Me referring to his -possibly mythological- girlfriend/stalker.)

"You just can't keep up with the fuckers." (Him talking about drinking with Australians.)

Oh Brother- Where Art Thou? I know there are some priceless gems I forgot to share.....


Mary P. said...

He's right. You can't keep up with them. It must be their criminal roots.

Anonymous said...

I think it's gotta be a combination of the higher-alcohol beer and the fact that they're used to it going straight to their heads down there, seeing's how they're upside down. They get here, and it all pools lower in their bodies, thereby reducing it's effect. Sounds logical, right?

Anonymous said...

#1 - your husband is a sick, dimented Polock.

#2 - you are a sick, dimented Norwegian.

#3 - Betty is most certainly a stocker, most certainly NOT a girlfriend.

#4 - you are still both sick and dimented. Now I need to go Clorox something.

Homestead said...

Mary P.- Sometime I will have to blog about playing "sink the sub" with an Aussie boy.

Anon- Your theories, as always, astound me. You obviously got your father's brains.

He's not a Polock.

Betty is a stocker? At the local grocery store? I'm sure if we look deeper we will find this was a Freudian slip of some sort... let's not look deeper, shall we??

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief - "Demented", and "Stalker". I apparently was very tired, please don't tell Ms. Walker.

Homestead said...

That's ok. Did you see my "there" in the post? Doh.

Anonymous said...

No, I didn't, but thank you. It has now been noted, to use against you at a later date.