Friday, April 14, 2006


In celebration of Easter weekend I invite your judgement on the following....

Is it WRONG that I'm not at all concerned what preschool/kindergarten/elementary school my kids go too?

Is it WRONG that I want my house to look like an ad for Pottery Barn?

Is it WRONG that my son & I look at each other, laugh and say, "Tooted. 'Scuse me." whenever anyone in our house farts?

Is it WRONG that my son & I ate granola and m&m's for breakfast?

Is it WRONG that the real reason I don't want an SUV (not gas mileage as I claim) is because I don't want to be one of "those moms"?

Is it WRONG to remind my brother that Hot Stuff & I will be having loud sex while he is visiting us this weekend?

Is it WRONG that almost all of my son's clothing is hand-me-downs and I'm proud of that fact?

Is it WRONG that I use the word "that" too much?

Is it WRONG to slightly dread a visit from my sister-in-law?

Is it WRONG to hide my husband's Easter present in the one place he won't look? (HIS closet.)

Is it WRONG to give gifts for Easter?

Is it WRONG to buy people things they already need and CALL them gifts?

Is it WRONG to invite all of your family to dinner with the actual intention of getting them to put together a swingset?

Is it WRONG to buy your brother presents and Easter candy so he will install a new hard drive in your computer?

Is it WRONG to try to sell your brother on ebay?


Mary P. said...

Heck, I'm not really concerned which university my kids go to, so long as they do well...

Don't do Pottery Barn up here, so no idea.

I don't want an SUV because they're just a stupid, stupid idea if you live in a CITY fergoshsakes... (Plus all their outrageous wastefulness.)

I'm thinkin' the loud sex is a little unnecessary. Given that you're percolating your second, I think the brother has likely figured out you and HS have had sex. At least twice.

Almost all MY children's clothing are hand-me-downs. Yes, I'm proud. :-)

I don't know whether it's wrong to try to sell your brother on eBay, (he's kind of cute, so you should get a good price) but me, I wouldn't do it until AFTER he'd fixed my computer.

Is it WRONG that I'm currently scarfing down a bag of potato chips, which I gave up for lent, because Good Friday is "CLOSE ENOUGH!!!" ?

PSUMommy said...

Hmm...are those moral issues? 'Cause if so, I'm in SO MUCH TROUBLE.


But, let's see...No. I never was. Then again, I knew exactly where they were going as soon as we moved here.

No, I do, too- Pottery Barn is SO COOL. My house is so NOT cool.

I don't do it, but hey, to each her own, oui?

I now want granola and m&m's so badly it isn't funny.

I have a minivan...because my hubs LIKES THEM. I know. That made me want to throw up, too. Of course, with a 3rd on the way and with the carseat laws, its pretty much a necessity...*sigh* I miss my Beetle.

Again...I wouldn't. Heck, I wouldn't DO it. But yeah, nothing wrong with that.

All of my son's clothes have been hand-me-downs, too. I love it.

I use 'that' way too much, too!

I totally and absolutely dread visits from my sister-in-law.

*giggle* That's where my hubby's Easter stuff is 'hidden', too. Right above the cleaning stuff. Yeah, he never, ever looks there.

Nope. I mean- technically- shouldn't Easter be bigger than Christmas? Just a thought...

Um, I *have* to do it that way, 'cause if my family doesn't *need* it, they give/throw it away.

Hey, we're doing that, too!

Oh, my no! My hubs is the computer guy here, I *wish* people would give him things when they asked him to fix their computers!

And- you can DO that? Huh. Good thing I didn't know about that last week.

(Aren't you glad I started leaving really long replies on YOUR blog, too? *grin*)

Homestead said...

Mary P.- Hah! I have bbq'd beef in the crock pot for dinner tonight because it's "close enough" at our house too. And if I don't eat it.... it will be because the baby is a vegetarian.

psumommy- Are you kidding.... I just like that warm tingly feeling I get when I see a comment. hee-hee.

mrtl said...

all absolutely wrong