Thursday, April 13, 2006

The to-do listing continues.....

Things to do NOW as I head into the 3rd trimester. (I am almost there, aren’t I??)

Continue moving.
Increase yoga.
Start watching the sodium levels. I already ate my “last meals” of a few things…. The high sodium broccoli cheddar soup & pad thai I love.
Add lemon to my water from here on out. (I swear it helps with swelling.)
Accept that I am really wearing maternity clothes.
Schedule prenatal massage(s).
Set up the hammock so I have a sweet place to elevate my swollen ankles.

Things to buy for baby

Teensy-weensy diapers
Scent-free wipes
Arms-reach cosleeper (ok, you know I’m not really going to get this but I WANT it. I’ve tried justifying it by saying we NEED it because the baby will be in our room for a long time (2 bedroom house) and all….. and the mini goes to 23 lbs & the original goes to 30 lbs) But my practical side is winning out over my yuppie-wanna-be side.)
“D” batteries (this is what I learned from my first child. Have lots of D batteries on hand for the swing & bouncy seat.
Pacifiers (I have one pack but I will wait to get more until I know what this kid likes….)
Um, I probably should get a new pack of bottle nipples too…. Is it gross to reuse those kid to kid?
A new backwards-baby car mirror…. The one I have is cloudy.
A bath tub sponge mat.
I thought of one other thing to buy but I can’t remember what it is…. So it must be REALLY important. Help me out.

Things to buy for me

Stool softener.
Maxi pads.
One really great outfit to wear as a “uniform” those first months after baby. (Last time it was a pair of olive green khaki drawstring capris, my Salomon amphibians & a few white t-shirts. The tennies made me feel sporty. I started with a baggy white shirt & slowly slimmed them down as time went on… it was so nice to just have one thing to put on that I knew fit & looked ok for when people wanted to “see” me and I could keep a white t-shirt in the diaper bag for emergencies…. Actually, I kept a white t-shirt that fit both Hot Stuff & I in the diaper bag the first few months because I’m paranoid like that.)
Boobie pads. I like the Gerber kind without the sticky stuff on the backs.
New nursing bras. It appears Motherhood doesn’t have the snap-between-the-tits kind I like anymore…. At least not on-line. So I must find someone who does. HEAR ME NEW MAMA’S…. get the snap-between-the-tits kind….. no rooting around under your shirt clear up to your shoulder to hook and unhook… and if they are, um, accidentally “sprung” by your giant bazooms, well, the ones that snap at the bottom at least don’t sproing down like a roller-blind.

Things to do the last few weeks

Get out, sort and wash the boxes of tiny clothes & blankets
Install the car seat base
Set up and clean the swing, bouncy seat etc.

Notice the longest list is things to buy for me??? Obviously not my first child, isn’t it???


PSUMommy said...

You are so very much more organized than I am this time! Or heck, than I was with my 2nd! I might have to borrow your list for myself...we just got the crib for this baby. Its still in the box. And I have- what- 11 weeks left?

But YES YES YES about the under-the-boobie snap nursing bras! I hate those peekaboo bra-strap-closure-at-the-top ones for so many reasons. I don't think there's anything yuck about re-using bottle nipples- I'd personally check them for any wear & tear (pull the nipple up & watch for cracking).

(ps: Does it make me even *more* dorky than usual that I'm REALLY excited that you visited my blog? AND commented? Yay! I left you a monumentally long reply comment there, by the way...)

LadyBug said...

How funny that I was just thinking, WOW, almost your third trimester already! You and psumommy must be running neck-and-neck!, and then I clicked the comment link, and saw that psumommy commented first. Hee.

You are so very organized. I'm a list-maker, too, though I wasn't smart enough to include things like "prenatal massage." Good for you!

Homestead said...

psumommy- Sweet Boy just stopped using the crib in December so it is still set up.... I do need to move the mattress up however.

And why do they even MAKE those nursing bras with shoulder-closures?? Who likes them?

LadyBug- See, that is at least SIX massages you OWE yourself. Start asking for gift certificates for any and all major holidays. It really is helpful and such a morale booster.... it also makes a great shower gift.

Sister Jane said...

Make sure you get a postpartum doula - I really could have used one after my second was born and I didnt even know the service exsisted. Now I am one and its an incredible thing...

Homestead said...

Postpartum doula? Now that's a good concept. Tell me more....