Friday, April 14, 2006

Starting a Legacy....

Susan asked for it. The Redneck Recipe Series will commence now with......

Jello Shot Jigglers

I know. Ya'll can't wait. But first.... a disclaimer. I made these as a joke last year for Easter because my mom got me these egg jello molds.... but they were a hit so I might just make them again. My brother is in charge of the "serious" booze for the holiday... I think he's buying a 50 gallon drum of Black Velvet. By about 3:00 pm it is going to be all about the ham & BV. I'll be the one drinking seltzer. Thank you very much. (Are these the "sacrifices moms must make" those Mommy-War people keep talking about??)

Back to jello... My basic recipe is to replace one cup of water with one cup of vodka. The end. But if you want to get creative....

1 package watermelon jello
1 cup boiling water
1 cup Malibu® coconut rum
Mix hot water and jello. Add rum. Pour into 2 ounce cups. Serve after the
jello has set.

Other clever combos:
Orange or cherry jello, brandy
Peach jello, bourbon
Lime jello, tequila and triple sec
Orange jello, orange cognac/brandy (ie. grand marnier) or peach schnapps
Raspberry jello, raspberry schnapps
Tropical fruit jello, mango liqueur or dark rum
Unflavored jello + lemonade, kentucky whisky
Strawberry jello, light rum and strawberry liqueur
Apricot jello, amaretto
Grape jello, vodka

I do recall making these with "champagne" jello once..... jello you added 7-up too? Was that real or did I dream it? We always made them extra-strong and served them in little paper cup things. For a true redneck experience the paper shot cup should be held by the mouth, cleavage or other pincer-like or wedge-shaped body part of your favorite partner (hell, if you've done enough of them.... that becomes optional....).

Do you suppose future generations of my family will refer to this as "Grandma's Jello Recipe" and when they do will they say it with awe, laughter or shame?



PSUMommy said...

Crap. Now I'm craving alcohol AND granola/m&m's. I miss wine. But with a 4½-year-old and a teething 16-month-old, any ole alcohol would do.

Homestead said...

Odd you should mention that.... I'm dying for a glass of red. I will placate myself by drinking cranberry juice and seltzer from a wine glass...

Susan said...

I'm so happy. And I will shoot a couple of these in your honor, I promise.

Thank you.

(And your line about "sacrifices" made me giggle.)

Homestead said...

Susan- Have a glass of red for me too, would ya??

Anonymous said...

Next Easter, when Sister-in-Law and I are not preggers... It.Is.On!
Love the suggested pairings of booze & flavors. Can't wait to have a "margarita" egg. I will definitely sprinkle some salt on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the jello shots. One time in college (how many great stories start out that way?), we decided to make them, but we didn't have any plastic, single-serving cups. So we made them in pie pans and tupperware. We each got one, grabbed a spoon, and slurped. It was delicious, I think. I don't really remember much after that.
I'm glad we weren't the only ones spending the holiday weekend drinking!

Anonymous said...

PS--I sent you that book about zodiac signs on Tuesday.