Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Project Eat-A-Bean Update

We had a major mealtime setback recently. We’ve been doing pretty well with project “Eat-A-Bean” at our house. No beans, but corn & carrots are successfully navigating Sweet Boy’s digestive tract on a regular basis these days. Not perfect (he will still ask to go to bed rather than eat peas), but we had definite progress (this from the kid who won’t eat green goldfish from the rainbow packets… at least he isn’t red-green color blind). And then last week happened. Hot Stuff’s dad was in the hospital with diverticulitis (he’s home now and fine). Let’s just say our collection of fast food restaurant toys increased exponentially last week and SB now thinks “nuggets” are a food group.

As far as I know Sweet Boy ate mashed potatoes, m&m’s, crackers & tortilla chips with salsa on Sunday…. And not much else. He had eggs & corn flakes for breakfast and it all went downhill after that….. every time I turned around someone was giving him a chip or a cracker.

He has re-adapted to normal eating surprisingly easily. Although it took a day or two for me to realize when he said he wanted “eggies” he meant the brightly colored plastic kind with one m&m in each rather than the kind that come out of a chicken’s butt.

I finally had to throw all the candy in the freezer in the garage…. I froze most of it Sunday night but it was just a little too convenient in the fridge-freezer. At least now I have to put on shoes and run across the snow/muck yard to get a Reeses Peanutbutter Egg fix. Heck, dashing across the yard like that…. I’d even call it a workout.


Mary P. said...

Eggs DO come out of a chicken's butt, don't they? I am so glad to be reminded of that.

Every project has its setbacks. I'm sure he'll be back to scarfing down those green goldfishies in no time!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely is the candy-run a workout.
And during our Easter egg hunt, I found a hard-boiled egg that actually said "I Came Out of a Chicken Butt." Nice reminder.

Homestead said...

mary p.- Corn (with salt, pepper & butter) is back on the "I yike it" list. Next up.... peas maybe. Although the challenge now is getting past the daddy saying, "No son of mine has to eat peas...."

onecruegirl- Yeah... if we hadn't been doing the eggs with sis-in-law things would have gone down-hill and gotten vulgar pretty fast in the decorating world....