Thursday, April 06, 2006

Which side IS starboard on a laundry basket??

Internet, I’m going to let you in on a little secret (and the real reason I stay at this job)…. No one cares what time I come to work. Except today. Today is Thursday. Our morning receptionist has started taking Thursday’s off so someone has to be here to cover at 8:00 am. Today was my day. This is how it went:

5:00: Sweet Boy (wonder-sleeper who never gets up early) wakes up. Daddy was working until almost 11 last night so they didn’t get any time together so he is determined to see his dad. Now. He asks me to get him some more milk please. I’m ok with that except they are snuggling in the middle of the bed and, not being the sliver I once was, I’m having a hard time balancing myself & the dog on my edge of the bed. I bump Hot Stuff’s bum leg and he groans. Sweet Boy says, “Caewful mama, no hurt daddy, say sowwy.” So I say sorry and Sweet Boy asks, “Need kiss it daddy?” Is your heart just melting at the sweetness of a bed-headed little boy in fuzzy jammies (smelling vaguely like pee) taking care of his daddy? No? It isn’t? Then you are dead to me.
5:something-ish o-dark-thirty: Hot Stuff’s alarm goes off. He snoozes it.
14 seconds later: It goes off again and he staggers out of bed.
6:15: Hot Stuff kisses us goodbye and heads to PT. I try to sneak out of bed but Sweet Boy is awake and follows me.
6:30: I give up and plug in a video* so I can shower, get ready & drink some coffee (fear not…. It’s decaf) while I make some additions to my “todo” list for the day.
7:10: We should be leaving the house.
7:23: We really leave the house.
7:30 (7:24): We leave the garage. (Wait. It doesn’t actually take me that long to slog across the driveway… although sometimes it takes two trips….. the clock in my car is 7 minutes fast. Please don’t ask.)
7:25: See a guy wunning in the wain.
7:26: See a backhoe.
7:27: See 2 guys with a dog.
7:28: See the wimming poowl.
7:29: See a snowplow AND a schoolbus.
7:32: See the “Big Bidge” that is parked in a parking lot in 3 sections and, quite possibly, the highlight of our mornings.
7:33: See a backhoe & a dozer.
7:34: See two more schoolbuses… one with lights flashing.
7:36: Another backhoe or six.
7:38: Arrive at daycare, sign in & say good morning, take off shoes & coat & hat, stash diaper bag, kiss the mama, and head for the breakfast counter.
7:40: Leave daycare and negotiate the left-hand turn onto a 60-mile-per-hour road with heavy 8:00 traffic. This is the only really annoying part of the trip.
7:43: Make it across the railroad tracks with no trains and get through campus without hitting any under-dressed college students.
7:45: Wish I had my ipod with me. Helena radio sucks.
7:48: Complain to self about traffic. Remind self of NY’s resolution to NOT run yellow lights. Laugh about what traffic is like in Denver right now.
7:54: Arrive at work and dash into the building in the rain.
7:59: Unlock door (and congratulate myself on remembering my work keys) & turn on lights….. Exactly on time.

*Movie quote of the morning…. “Which side is starboard in a laundry basket?” Ok, name that video.


M&Co. said...

Phew! I was afraid you wouldn't make it.

LadyBug said...

Good for you, making it to work on time!

I don't recognize the movie quote. I'll have to check back later to find out what it is.

P.S. Your fuzzy-jammied-bed-headed little boy taking care of his daddy (while smelling vaguely like pee - just like my Big Boy does every morning, hee) TOTALLY melted my heart. Give him an extra hug from one of his cyberfans, will ya?