Friday, April 21, 2006

Color me Shocked.

My sister told me (in greatest confidence and after a couple vodka-lemonades) my husband is NOT ATHLETIC. What? Yes he is. He is. He has an athlete’s body and he’s very coordinated. She has played football with him and says he is very competitive and physical but not athletic. My fear, of course, is that she is right and our children are doomed to be dorks because they aren’t getting any athletic ability from me.

Hot Stuff opened and looked at our quarterly financial statements. He even asked questions (dumb ones, but questions….). This from a man who refuses to even consider balancing the checkbook and has no idea of our net worth or how our taxes get done. I was so excited I poured out our entire financial plan in a rush of words and dramatic hand gestures. He lectured me about it….. which makes me get a pained look on my face and pat him on the head like the confused mental patient he really is.


Anonymous said...

Do you really think it's wise for him to know his net worth? People jump off buildings because of things like that.......

PSUMommy said...

Ha! I had to ban my hubs from our checkbook...although, to his credit, he does our taxes. I figure he can handle a few hours of work like that when I take care of finances the rest of the year.

I was in a bit of the opposite situation of you in the Sporty thing, though...I was shocked to see how sporty my hubs really is. He's the typical geek, to the core...and yet, he looks like he belongs on a volley ball court. It constantly amazes me.