Thursday, April 27, 2006


So I just sent my sister (and cc: my mom) an email telling sis how mature, practical, reasonable & thoughtful something was that she had written.

My mom responds with: Your email was equally as mature, reasonable, and upbeat and positive, also!

Then I email back telling her: Oh, you missed the phone call when I called her a poopless poopy head. Grown up. Uh-huh. I wanted her to go to the bank and then bring me a milkshake and she said she had to talk to you first.....

Mom's response: I did not say YOU were, I said your EMAIL was! Lovingly, your Mom

I love my family.


PSUMommy said...

*grin* I think I like your family, too!

Gerah said...

Hehehehe. Sounds like my family.

P.S. On your above post: I've thought the exact same thing about maternity shirts. It's just cruel.