Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tidbits from the weekend

My sister-in-law is serious about Easter. We dyed 72 eggs. Well, actually, we dyed 64 eggs…. My mother-in-law snagged some for the potato salad and Sweet Boy ate two that cracked before they were dyed.

I made this cake Saturday. It was amazing. Although somehow in my hurry-up-and-get-shit-done haze I forgot to oil the bundt pan. And, bigger sin, I didn’t take a picture of the result. Hot Stuff commented, “Just like a bear in the woods….” But he ate it anyway. Who knew something that looked like a pile of bear dung could be so tasty?? Next time I will grease the damn pan.

I finally remembered to get bird seed. Sweet Boy LOVES to watch the birds. His comment, “Mama, yook, kitty watchin’ buwdies wi me.” Stick to the mice, mrow-mrow.

Who knew Easter was a major gift giving holiday?? Sweet Boy made an absolute haul. I got prenatal vitamins. Hhhhmmmm.

The other day there was a smell in our house that had me yelling at the dog for rolling in calf-scours & horse shit over at the neighbor’s. Um, yeah, the dog went out and yet the smell lingered…. And lingered…. And got stronger?? Sweet Boy must be potty-trained soon.

Somehow a party accidentally happened at our house on Saturday night. Many people needed naps on Sunday afternoon.


PSUMommy said...

Seventy-two eggs? Oh, my...we did 6. Although, now, my pregnant self is really craving an egg salad sandwich and is wishing we had done more.

Mmmm...egg salad....

The cake sounds yummy, too. Who cares what chocolate looks like! Its chocolate! (At least, I'm guessing chocolate from the poop comment...)

Did Sweet Boy poop somewhere in the house? Yikes! I had the worst time potty-training my daughter. I have sworn that never again will I potty train. I don't care if they have to change their own diapers...

I had to giggle at the 'somehow a party accidentally happened' comment. Those are the best parties. Ever.

Homestead said...

Mmm... egg salad. Pretty much any creamy comfort food is at the top of my list.... just like last time. Cheesy grits, mashed potatoes, alfredo pasta.... mmmmm.

Sweet Boy pooped in his pants! It was the rankest thing ever.... I blame it on all the corn & hard-boiled eggs he's been eating lately... or something.

Mary P. said...

I watched a bird at a neighbour's feeder, a dish suspended from a cast iron hook about a metre above the ground. (A metre, as in 39 inches. What were they thinking?)

A kitty was watching the bird, too, which I pointed out to my husband as we strolled by. "Isn't that cute?" I said, pointing to the intent little fluffy cute weeny kitty, which then pounced, and KILLED THE LITTLE BIRDY!!!!


"Well, what did you THINK it was about to do?" asked my very sensible sweetie.

I don't know what I was thinking. Cute bird, cute kitty, just so much cuteness... Evidently, I wasn't thinking at all! What I got was nature in the raw. I'm sure it built character. Lots of it.

Anonymous said...

I just had a kid in my office who apparently dropped every single Cosby kid off at the pool (and perhaps had some already waiting in the pool--or would it be the "fabric store" instead of the pool? Yeah.) the second he walked through my door. It still stinks in here. Next person to come in will think I am the pants-shitter. Great.

PSUMommy said...

I got my egg salad mix...but, ok, now I'm craving alfredo. And I wonder how I'm gaining 5 lbs every 2 weeks...can I tell my midwife its now your fault? She can't blame me for that, right? *grin*