Monday, April 10, 2006

The Morning Report

Important things we did this weekend:

1. Cleaned the house. (Well, it wasn't that messy.... but I dusted & vacuumed & washed sheets & stuff like that..... Hot Stuff sorted & organized & put away.)
2. It rained a lot this weekend so we watched 4 movies... Lion King, Dreamer (very sweet), Fantastic Four (obviously a pregnancy-related choice?!?) & Lion King again (hence the title of this post).
3. MISSED Blues Clues on Sunday morning because some other stupid thing was on. (This is a special treat for Sweet Boy. It is on at 9:30 and he gets to lounge on our bed (the tv upstairs is the only one that gets the channel) and eat snacks and watch "Cous-Cous" on tv while I put away laundry or clean whatever needs to be cleaned in our bedroom... Ok, right, or lounge on the bed next to him eating rabbit crackers.)
4. Played baseball with Sweet Boy. He sort-of gets it but there were several Forest-Gump moments.
5. Read a book. A real book. Ok, I read part of it while Sweet Boy was napping..... but I'm over half way and I will finish it.
6. Went to the dump. We say Sweet Boy's daycare provider's husband there. He drives the loader. Sweet Boy was in HEAVEN watching him and cried when we left.
7. Went for a drive with my boys.
8. Saw some helicopters on display. Again.... nothing so fun as the wonder of a little kid.
9. Got deer, elk & moose license applications done. (Go sweetheart.... fill the freezer.... this vegetarian trend won't last forever....)
10. Bought new shoes. Salomon amphibians. They are the greatest. My old pair is falling apart.
11. Got a few groceries. I love going to the grocery store with Hot Stuff & Sweet Boy. Not only is negotiating the parking lot with Hot Stuff hilarious, but Sweet Boy's new game is, well, he calls it "ooker guy" which I take to mean C-ooker guy (and not H-ooker guy, right?). He sits in the cart and makes things for me. I ask for a chocolate milk shake and he does some complicated things with his hands and makes some funny noises and then hands me my shake. Then he asks if I want some cottage cheese. Mmmm. My favorite. Chocolate shake with a side of cottage cheese.
12. Went to Target with my mother in law. We meant to go to the nursery but it was closed. We bought Easter candy & Sweet Boy picked out Mr. Bubble bubble bath after we smelled them all.
13. Made more play dough. Got red food coloring everywhere. Oops. We are a walking oxiclean commercial.
14. Taught Sweet Boy how to drive the jeep. It's one of those little battery operated numbers a neighbor gave us.... he had a blast and just about mortally wounded his poor daddy. Daddy... with the broken leg.... was following him and holding onto the roll bar to keep him from running into a fence or something.
15. Planned Easter dinner with my sister. (This is her thinking: We must have stuffing. Your husband won't be happy without stuffing. (My husband hated stuffing until he had some of my mom's special recipe* stuffing. Now he loves it.) Let's have mashed potatoes. I know baked potatoes are traditional with ham but mashed feels so much more festive. (I suggested going with something other than ham..... and was met with a stunned silence.... she said the only reason she was coming to my house was for the ham & Easter candy.)) So what kind of gravy do you make with ham?? We called my brother and told him he was in charge of potatoes & booze. He said he'll be here with a burlap bag of spuds & 3 cases of PBR. Lord help us. I have to find my jello egg molds so I can make redneck jello shots.... what? It's the only way to get people involved in the egg hunt......

So that's about it for us. Nothing fabulous but just a really great weekend. It is so nice to have Hot Stuff out of the lounger and back playing with us.... he still tires quickly and has to take long time-outs to ice & rest but he's getting back to normal.

*Stove Top

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Susan said...

Please post the redneck jello shots recipie. For those of us not gestating spawn. I mean, growing sweet babies. Or something.