Monday, April 10, 2006


I’m being abused by both my children…

I’m being pummeled inside & out by my kids. My son got excited and accidentally let fly with a match box car and it connected quite resoundingly with the bridge of my nose. He felt really bad and covered my face with slobbery baby kisses to make me feel better.

But my inner child… my inner child is a remorseless little hellion. Enough with the pounding, pummeling, kick-boxing, lap-swimming & general gymnastics already. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE???

Sweet Boy was active. This kid is non-stop. Maybe all I remember is the end when Sweet Boy was so crowded he couldn’t kick, turn & stomp… that thought gives me hope this one will mellow out in a few weeks. Grow, baby, grow.

I’m 26 weeks. (Or something like that…. I’ve never been very good with keeping track… I always have to look it up on or email my cousin who is due a few days before I am.) Due July 12th. What’s the birth stone for July? A ruby? What’s the zodiac sign? And what is the temperament for that zodiac sign?

This baby likes action movies. We watched a few movies this weekend. Hot Stuff picked “Dreamer” and I picked….. “Fantastic Four.” (Sweet Boy picked “Lion King” and we danced our way through it twice…. Such great music.)

Another interesting thing…. This baby is a vegetarian. Seriously. Meat has no appeal. Hummus, however, has great appeal. So do some rather odd sweets. Peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar and served with chocolate chips or fake-out cookie dough (butter, flour, sugar & brown sugar mashed together in a bowl). What's that all about?


Mary P. said...

My eldest used to do something I called a "liver massage". I don't know what she was doing in there, but for about two months, every so often it felt my liver was being massaged. Very weird.

I have a client whose child broke her nose. He was sitting in her lap to read a story, then suddenly flung himself back against her. She's not very tall, so the back of his head caught the ridge of her nose - busted!

July 12? That's my youngest's birthday! The sign is Cancer. I don't know what that is supposed to tell you about their character, but the girl is a total sweetie. She's quite extroverted, loves to be playing with her friends, but she loves her home, too. (Thus far. On your baby's due date, my baby will turn 13!)

She likes to be active, (though active can be playing the flute as easily as playing soccer), hates to be bored. Her most commonly-uttered expression? "Mom! Let's dooooo something!"

(Oh, and she was a nice, easy birth.)

Anonymous said...

July is hubbs is July 15. I have this kinda new age zodiac book called Sun Signs for Kids that talks about different temperments and traits of each sign. Hocus pocus, maybe, but it's an interesting read!
Email me your address and I'll loan it to you if you want!

PSUMommy said...

My oldest would hurt me when she kicked, almost from the beginning. The girl never stopped. She still doesn't. :) My son was fairly active, but wasn't out to hurt me...and he's about the same now, too. This baby is *really* quiet- just moving 3 times a day for about half an hour each. I'm hoping that the pattern stays intact!

My kids beat me up, too. My daughter is all elbows and knees right now and OUCH. My son is all feet. OUCH.