Tuesday, August 02, 2011

the wrap up: july

Hot:  He finally got home around the 10th of July.  Then he had two weekend off in a row.  In July.  Unheard of.  It was a blast.  He broken his finger at work.  Oops.  He was in a splint for a while and now has it buddy wrapped.  Awesome.  But he's back to regular duty at work.

Holidays:  My brother, sis-in-law and nephew came down for the 4th.  Had a blast and did some serious project work.  They helped me finish trenching/containing the cable for the internet.  (Image:  Sweet standing on top of the well house with about 1000 feet of hot pink string with a washer on the end... threading and shaking to feed it though black sprinkler system tubing so we can run the cable.)  My brother switched out the dead light switch in the bedroom so we have a fan again.  yeah.  We ate turkey sandwiches, had bbq at my in-law's and watched some fireworks.

Kids:  The kids grew.  Again.  We hit the local waterslide almost every weekend.  Sometimes twice a weekend.  It is so amazing to have kids big enough to DO things for themselves.  Sweet is going down the slide with no life jacket.  Tuff can do it but the water pushes her so hard she can't get to the steps so she wears a jacket.  Bugsy went down with me but was not impressed.  She can swim with her brother if she has her jacket on.  Hot came to the water slide in jeans and tennis shoes.... gotta love that guy.

Baseball:  We went to a Brewer's Game.  It was pretty hectic but it has potential to be a fun summer activity.  Sweet played 6/7 Rookie Babe Ruth.  Machine pitch with a coach pitching the last game.  He had a blast.  It was a couple of practices and then games twice a week for a month.  We ate some fast food, packed some picnics, played catch on the sidelines and played some games on the ipod to pass the time.  One of my big goals for my kids is to be able to catch and throw. 

Swimming Lessons:  We did Carroll lessons this year and it was great.  I wasn't impressed the first day but by the end of the week I was so pleased.  Sweet can jump in the deep end with no float and swim all the way across unassisted.  That's a HUGE improvement for him.  He's no longer afraid to just stick his face in the water and go.  Tuff can put her face in and paddle like mad to get where she wants to go.  She has a really strong kick.  She also had the quarterback of the football team for her coach.  Zowie.  100's of girls would have been jealous of her when she was in his arms.  She was the only girl in her class.  Now to keep this going I think we just need lots and lots of water time.  This is another of those big goals I have... I want my kids to be comfortable in the water.

Projects:  The cabin got straight.  That was a biggie.  And the kids all swapped around bedrooms.  Another biggie.  And I patched Hot's fire shirt.  That was a nerve-wracking project.  The garage and shed are still not cleaned.  I'm working on it.

Organizing:  I let my Family Fun subscription run out.... too much pressure to do all those crafts.  I made nice labels for the filing box.  I kept up with things.  I found an exceptable but not great meal planning method for this season in life.  (Monday:  Something fab created on Sunday, Tuesday:  pasta, Wed: tacos, Thurs: sandwiches, Fri:  Junk food, Sat:  whatever, Sun:  bbq).  I'm redesigning the laundry room corner and the upstairs closet.  I really must get the shed organized.  The crib came down.  For the last time.  I think.

My Little Corner:  I used myfitnesspal to drop 5 pounds.  That was nice.  I'm not thinking about the future in weight loss.... I refuse to do HCG (today anyway) and at a pound a week I'll reach my goal in May.... I'm not saying what year.  But steady is better than up.  I didn't read a single book in July but I did do some nice porch sitting. 

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