Saturday, August 27, 2011

In which we document the continuing saga of the ever-changing sleep arrangements in our house.

Or.... rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Our house is small.  Not insanely live-in-a-sheepherder's-wagon small.... but Not.  Big.

Also.... not well laid out.  Old school homesteader's cabin with random parts tacked on as electricity and plumbing became available.

So there's the background.

In 2007 we split the living room and created a small bedroom downstairs in addition to the two bedrooms upstairs. 

We've gone through various configurations.

In June I moved Bugsy's crib out of our room and into the kids' room.  So Sweet was in the pirate cave, Tuff in a single bed and Bug in the crib.  CROWDED.  But it worked for a bit.

Then we decided to move Sweet downstairs.... this eliminated our "guest" bedroom/junk storage but seemed like a good idea.  He got the brass bed frame (full-sized) that was his papa's bed when he was a boy.  His clothes all fit in the dresser.  (Sidenote:  That dresser was the first piece of "real" furniture I bought.... from a consignment store.... when I moved here.  I love that dresser.  It is too big to go up our stairs or fit in our bedroom but I am resisting getting rid of it.  Silly, right?)

Most of his toys fit under the bed in flat plastic boxes. 

This room has no light fixture so we are using one of those wireless appliance remotes (purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a $5 off coupon.... whoo-hoo.) 

Oh... the room also has no heat.  So that might be a problem.

So Sweet is very happy in his new room.  He can play all he wants and set up elaborate lego stuff all over the place.  His bed time is now a little later than the girls.  He loves that. 

So then I decided Bugsy was ready to get out of the crib.  We've been using it with the side rail down anyway.  So we moved the futon upstairs and bought them some cute girly bedding.

First let me say... no human over 30 should even own a futon.  Seriously.  But when faced with the costs of buying the storage-type bed I wanted.... well.... I figure we will change things up again soon anyway so why bother.  I went with the cheap option.

So much of this weekend has involved switching over the clothes and sorting things.  It is getting there but I still need to change up the wall art and add a few cute girly details.  And I need to get a few lamps for Sweet. 

And I need to stop feeling sorry for myself about my tiny ugly house and just move on with it already. 


Christal said...

This is about the time people change them out (or get rid of twins to move up to full size when kids move out). Watch the used furniture at Elements -- mid-August they had two twin bed frames & mattress sets, and a stacking desk/bunk bed. I bought my Simmons twin bed then (& they had another for $200 - King Koil?). And I feel guilty because the twin bed is for the boxer dogs to sleep on at the end of our king size bed. (And someday I'm going to have Appleton make a bed frame to match the cherry dressers & it will be long enough to encompass both the twin bed & king bed.)

Homestead said...

Elements moved and I'm not sure where.... that's where I got my giant dresser (in the post).

Eventually the girls will get our room.... maybe with cute white iron twin beds..... and we will cram ourselves in their room.

I think the Appleton folks are dog people... they wouldn't think twice about making a beautiful frame....