Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bike Saga: Part 3 and the End

So off to the bike store we go.

I was ready to head for Target.  Hot had other plans.

We went to a real bike store.

We decided Sweet could pick whatever bike he wanted.  Hot's rule.

We had a great saleswoman.  Sweet picked a 7-speed mountain bike.  24"

Sweet rode around in their parking lot and got all crazy going up and down this hill into the alley.  This is the kid who put neo-to-go on a keychain on his bike when he was little so he wouldn't have to come in when he wrecked.

We went in and he carefully got out his wallet and smoothed out the ones and fives on the counter.  We had changed all the change at the bank but he paused, dug in his pocket and pulled out a nickle he found in the car on the drive over.  $155.05.  And now he owes his dad for the rest.  Yes, it was a pricey bike.  Please don't come and rob us.  He has to bring it in for a tune up in a month and it gets locked in the shop every night. 

He's riding it all over the place.  Around the house.  Down to the creek.  Figuring out the gears and hand brakes was a challenge.  So much fun.  Kinda almost makes me want to tune up Hot's old bike and go for a ride.

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