Wednesday, August 03, 2011

goals: august

1.  Buy, label, and pack school supplies
2.  Meal plan:  school lunches
3.  Redesign the morning routine for two kids in school
4.  Do 30% of the shed
5.  Do 100% of the garage
6.  Find a bed frame for the girls
7.  Go to the State Fair
8.  Schedule propane delivery for end of September
9.  Schedule pellet stove cleaning
10. Plan, set up and inventory kid clothes for school

1 comment:

Elle said...

Good to see you back . . . .

Let's talk school supplies. And . . . I was saving all of these THINGS for when you were here . . . extra swimsuits in case somebody needed one, hoodies in all sizes, for boys and girls . . . . extra sand toys, lots of bubbles. What is safe to get rid of? Guide me.