Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Breaking my own rules

So I made this rule for myself about undergarments.

I believe in buying 2 (or 3) new brassieres every 6 months.  And tossing the old.

I wear the same two bras in rotation all week.  The bra lady at Macy's told me to do that.  And hand wash.  Wear them on alternating days and let them air out and let the bra re-shape for 24 hours between wearings.

Anyway.  That was my goal.  I went shopping last year in September (Happy Birthday to Me....) and got two great bras.  (And also a nice sports bra)  So to stay on schedule I should have retired those two bras to "weekend wear" in March and purchased two more.  Right?

Well I've been trying.  I've been trying to find 45 minutes of alone time to stop at Macy's for five months now.  And I've failed. 

Failed I tell you.

It is almost September again and I'm wearing some sad, stretched out, worn out boobie holders.

So I'm going to reinvent.... again.  And try once more.

Anybody have any great bra styles to recommend?    I've heard the barely there invisible look is good... anyone?

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Elle said...

I think I just wrote about this . . .

I tried Barely There. It makes an IN-CRED-I-BLE back fat roll. I think it must be for the pre-baby gang. I got sick of shopping and ordered a buy one get one from victoria's secret.com . . . it's creeping up as we speak.

I hate bras. But I hate the sweaty feel of under-boob skin on top of abdomen more.