Monday, August 15, 2011


Friday was a day off from the office for me. 

I had visions of porch post painting and checking off projects right and left.

We did check something off.... something off our summer "bucket" list.

We went to a movie. 

A matinee.

In 3-D.


With Large Bucket of Popcorn.  $6.75 but worth every penny.  My kids ate it down to the old maids and I didn't get a single kernel.  We called it dinner.

My ticket was $8.75.  It was $8.25 per kid for the movie.  Bugsy was free because the ticket lady could see she was drooping and about to nap.  We fooled her.  That girl sat on my lap for the whole movie with her little glasses in place.  Priceless was how she jumped the first time Gargamel (sp?) came out of the screen at her.  Every time he came on screen she said, "Nau-ee.  Nau-ee Bad Guy.

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Elle said...

oh, we love a movie. it's hard to believe we are all big enough to make it through a movie . . .it's been so many years. the theatre here did a $5 punch card that we bought at the beginning of the summer and you got into 10 movies -- 50 cents per movie. couldn't beat it with a stick. it made $7.00 in popcorn seem like a damn good deal.