Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Status

T minus two weeks and counting until school starts. Aug 30 for Sweet and Aug 31 for Tuff.

How are we doing?

Tuff is excited and a bit nervous. Me too.

I found out our gymnastics place is moving.... to a "suburb" town a long ways from my house. We could barely keep it together when gymnastics was at 5:00 once a week for both kids and located between daycare and our house. I wasn't planning to do the fall session anyway. Sweet will be in football and Tuff will be a tired mess by 3:15. But now we need to re-think our options for winter.

I got the hand sanitizer and found baby wipes.

We know where the classrooms are and who the teachers are....

We labeled supplies and lunch boxes.

We threw away toothbrushes and got new ones. What? You don't do that? Everyone gets two toothbrushes when school starts and we toss the old. Same deal at Christmas and when school lets out. And we stock up on toothpaste. My kids use a lot of toothpaste.

We got school clothes. Well, ok. let me qualify that. Sweet got new socks. Child outgrew the socks I bought him in June. Seriously. He has shoes we bought in July and I got him a new pair of jeans so he's set for a while. He will need another pair of jeans later this fall. Tuff got a first-day-of-school t-shirt. (with an owl on it... from Target..... $8) She also go a pair of slip on low-top style sparkly tennis shoes. They were $12 at Ross. They satisfy her requirement of being cool and my requirement of being easy to put on and covering her toes for recess. Yes.... I am that mom. Recess is for play. Not for mincing around in high-heeled flip-flops.

Bugsy didn't get anything. She's going to be very sad when the bigs go to school and she is all alone at daycare. But I plan to bribe her by chaning the daycare bag from the giant orange bag to a cute Tinkerbelle backpack. She loves a "pack-pack" and Belle.

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