Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bike Saga: The money issue

Sweet wanted a new bike.

He's riding a bike that makes him look like a circus sideshow.  It is small.  He is large.

Nana and Papa gave him $75 towards his goal for his birthday.

That crazy toothfairy has been coughing up $5 per tooth.  (Yes, jokes were made about knocking out a few more to pay for the bike....)

Grandpa paid him a little cash to pick up all the bailing twine in the bale lot.

Daddy paid him $20 to pick up all the sticks in the yard this spring (rip off.... it took him almost 3 days to get it all done....)

Grandma put change (quarters, not pennies) in some plastic eggs for an egg hunt.

He's been doing odd jobs for me for green money***.  Also.... I sometimes pay bribes to kids who do fantastic tricks at the swimming pool. 

***sidenote:  how to you handle the difference between paid chores and "the things we do because we are part of the family" chores? 

So he's carefully been hoarding his cash.

I love the lesson this is teaching him.... Grandpa Kenny will be so proud.  I also love that he is saving for something that is active and not passive.  Because we all know he wants a video game.

So, finally, we realize summer is almost over and we better get shopping.

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