Friday, August 19, 2011

mid-august goal review

goals: august

How are we doing on our August Goals??????

1.  Buy, label, and pack school supplies.  DONE.  The backpacks are hanging in the upstairs hall closet.
2.  Meal plan:  school lunches.  DONE.... Corn dogs for everyone.  Ok, yes, this will be an ever-evolving process.  But we are in good shape for the first few weeks anyway.  I need to remember a few items at Costco.... also, a tip, never, ever go to Costco the day before the Super Bowl or the day before school starts.
3.  Redesign the morning routine for two kids in school.  This could be a train-wreck.  But we are planning.
4.  Do 30% of the shed.  Nope.  Not even close.  Talk to me after this weekend.
5.  Do 100% of the garage.  It is getting better but only at about 50%.
6.  Find a bed frame for the girls.  DONE.  Used the ugly futon frame in the cabin.  I believe no one over the age of 30 should own a futon.  That said... the girls are sleeping on one.
7.  Go to the State Fair.  DONE.  Wow.  We had fun.
8.  Schedule propane delivery for end of September.  DONE. 
9.  Schedule pellet stove cleaning.  DONE.  I love my pellet stove guy, Gary.  He actually called me and said he would be in the neighborhood and could stop by.... so I left the door unlocked for him.  He let my dog out to potty AND cleaned and serviced my stove AND vacuumed the carpet around the stove before he left. 
10. Plan, set up and inventory kid clothes for school.  IN PROGRESS.  Sweet is all set.  Boys are easy.  He needs a new hoodie sweatshirt.  Tuff is pretty much all set.  I think we will be able to cull some skirts once school starts.  Bugsy is ready for fall.  She loves jeans and sweatshirts.

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