Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where is my Camera????

Dude.  I think I lost my camera.  It isn't in any of the usual places I leave it (the bathroom counter, the workbench in the garage, the ledge in the dining room) and it definitely isn't where it belongs.... the drawer in the kitchen. 

And it has all the bathroom painting pictures on it.

My sister is painting her new bedroom.  It has some seriously unfortunate "bordeaux" carpeting.  But she has a vision....  taupe-grey walls, purple carpet, pale bedding with a really great throw on the foot of the bed, minimal furniture and graphic wall decor.  I've been pinning things on pinterest and also marking things on houzz. 

So anyone have a favorite taupe wall color? 

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Elle said...

Jeez . . taupe can mean so many things . . . when we did the bedroom, I asked for taupe and walked out with $30 in samples, mostly with food names.

I like mushroom.

Speaking of paint . . . have you seen Lowe's new online house thing that organizes your house stuff? Paint colors and more . . . hmmm.