Sunday, February 19, 2012

I recall summer.....

February is not my favorite month.  (Apologies to Kae.... it is her birth month and I gotta tell ya.... that's pretty much the only redeeming quality....)

So I'm doing all the things I do in February to make myself feel better..... hair cut, nesting down with a book, making soup.  We had a Big Ski Adventure on Friday.... more to report on that later.

Part of my nesting included clearing the photos off my cell phone..... now THAT makes me smile.

1 comment:

Elle said...

I miss thee and I love thee.

February sucks. Always has. Always will.

Last time I saw Leej, she was in diapees. I've never met the wee-one. How sad. Let's remedy that right away.

Hope your meeting with your boss goes rockin' well today & that you have a 10-day stretch of summer we can pack into. We need to recover for four years plus another 2 just in case . . . . So much to plan.