Monday, February 27, 2012

Mission Organization: The Bathroom Edition

The Inspiration:  Open & Airy. 

Painting the bathroom a gorgous shade of pale grey helped.  The color is "January Dawn" which had me hesitating.... Grey winter days as inspiration?  Not so much.  But it is lovely.  And my ultimate goal is to add some turquoise and tangerine accents and a dolphin or two..... subtle Miami Dolphins decor... funny, right?
The Challenges:  This is the biggest room in my house.... almost.  Poorly laid out and awkward.  The tub is small.  The toilet is tan.  The countertops are trashed.  The cabinet is ancient.  It has hollywood lights and seriously 80's ceiling light fixtures.

Organizing:  The kids have baskets for jammies.... sometimes I even fold them.  I'm pretty happy with the generally organization of this room.  My husband has taken over the dresser in here for his own.... it was baby stuff for years.  I take the towels off the hooks, wash them and hang them back up.  I don't like to fold towels.  And we don't have towel bars.... the humidity here is so low I don't worry about mildew.  I buy a lot of shampoo and things at Costco in giant bottles but having 5 butts using the same tub makes for a crowd... so I decant into smaller bottles.  I don't like labels on bottles.  Is that neurotic? 

Cleaning:  I often clean the toilet with vinegar and baking soda.  It's like a volcano experiment and the kids can help.  Sometimes I break down and buy real toilet cleaner.  And right now things are so bad I actually bought one of those giant bleach tabs for the tank.  That goes against everything I believe but desparate times call for....  I clean the floor of the tub with Barkeeper's Friend and scrub down the walls with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.  I scoop the cat box pretty much every day.

Handy Tips: To keep the shower clean.... don't let your husband use it.  Seriously.  Since Hot has been showering mostly at work (after PT) my tub is spotless.  I blame it on bar soap.  Have you noticed that?  I have no scientific evidence but I think bar soap makes bad scum.  

Confessions:  How often do you clean the tub?  What about washing the plastic shower curtain liner?


SierraBella said...

Dropped by (after like 4 years) to say hi, and see you are just as wonderful as ever!
Answer: I clean the shower NEVER! My daughter lives here and that's HER JOB. :-)

Homestead said...

I have TWO daughters living here.... why aren't they cleaning the shower? Hmmmm.

Glad to see ya lady!