Sunday, February 05, 2012

the weekend list

*went to Costco (without a list... more as a social outing with my Grandpa, kids & aunties).... actually managed to remember and buy everything on my list except cat food.... and we have enough for a while so all is well.
*had breakfast with gramps and crew at ipod.
*went to Ross.  twice.
*wrapped a gift for a birthday party on the 11th.
*immediately got an invitation for ANOTHER birthday party on the 11th.
*got the kids started on Valentine's cards for classmates.
*found 100 things for each kid to take for 100 day on the 8th.
*washed coats and mittens.
*had a Valentine's celebration with Nana & the kids.  Painted Pot, lunch at Taco del Sol, ice cream at The Big Dipper.
*made a delicious ham and lovely cheesy potatoes.
*grocery store trip (quickie for football chips, sunflower seeds for salads, bananas & sour cream).
*stopped to pick up Hot's driver's license... forgotten at the local sporting goods store.
*returned the WRONG paint and got the RIGHT paint.
*folded eleventy-million pounds of clothes during the Super Bowl.
*drank some wine.
*fed the clan some lovely simple suppers.
*received a jewelry box of Grandma's old jewelry.  so happy.
*talked about a plan for a birthday bash for Grandpa this summer.  complete with cake and crafts.
*cleaned the fraggin' oven.  (you are thinking.... "how fraggin' hard can it be??"..... BUT.... when the microwave died it took out the controls for the auto-clean.  and the delicious cheesy potatoes spooged all over the oven.... it was horrific.)
*requested flex childcare and medical.
*gave up on balancing the checkbook for 2011 and started fresh for 2012.
*cleaned Tuff's desk and restored order.
*gathered tax materials.
*bought a lottery ticket.  A FIRST EVER.  And on my "better than a bucket" list.
*packaged up another box of toys for garage storage.
*picked up a reserved book for Hot at the library.
*bought some Tervis glasses on clearance at BBB for mini-Valentines gifts.
*downloaded the digital copies of Jurrassic Park.
*updated iTunes.
*compared our budget to our actuals for January.
*read some trashy novels.
*broke my ceramic compost bucket
*watched "Blackthorn" & "A Dolphin Tale"
*planned for the kids' week:  outfits, hot or packed lunch, dinners & events (Tuff ice skating on Monday, School kids snowshoeing on Tuesday, pay daycare on Friday, treat shop money for Friday, Valentine's writing, 100 days stuff)

Still to do:
*finish painting the bathroom and restore order.
*wash Tuff & Bugsy's sheets.... apparently Bugsy smuggled a sugar cookie into bed last night.
*buy & wrap another birthday gift for the 11th.
*finish Valentine's cards for classmates.
*find a box for Tuff to use for a Valentine mailbox.
*find a backup box for Sweet to use for a Valentine mailbox... I know it is coming... just no request yet.
*put a new light bulb in the night light.
*put a new light bulb in my reading light.
*put new light bulbs in the THREE dead spots in the bathroom.
*change batteries in the closet light bulbs
*get a split pea soup recipe.
*drop tax stuff off.
*order a roller thing for my IT band.
*wash all of the couch blankets & cover.  (Yup... more sugar cookie.)
*reorganize and restore order to the pantry.
*think about Valentine's gifts.  To do or not to do.
*heat up the oven and see if it smells like cleaner.
*pay car insurance.
*pay credit card.
*put giant box of toys in the garage.
*pick up stuff from Painted Pot Wednesday.
*spray paint a frame to make a magnet board.


Christal said...

Wow! So much accomplished, yet so much more on the ever evolving mom's list... And all I got done was re-arrange the study/green room.

I have dogs, therefore snow and mud means I wash almost as much as you do. 3 kids = 2 dogs?

Soup? My favorite recipe sources:

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com